Shanna in a Dress (from her website)

Just wanted to share that out of 800 entries in the Kerrville New Folk Emerging Songwriters song competition, 2 of our own Front Rangers were finalists! Shanna in a Dress out of Boulder and China Kent (of Alright Alright) out of Denver were selected among the top 24 finalists, and Shanna in a Dress was in the Top 6 winner’s circle. Alright Alright!

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“Shanna in a Dress combines witty, heartfelt songwriting with great musicianship guaranteed to deliver a memorable experience for anyone lucky enough to hear her. From the incredibly moving “Daddy’s Little Girl” to the super funny “Mmm That’s Hot” she hits home on every level taking her listeners on a delightful roller coaster ride of laughter, tears and everything in between.”

— Steve Seskin, Grammy-nominated songwriter



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