Proud big sister Tempest with little brother Lucky!

We have a new addition to our family! He arrived on August 9th. Laura Paciorek and baby are doing great. He weighed in at 7 lbs. His first name has a connection to Radiohead, an ancestral surname, and Evel Knievel. Any guesses? (realizing the second clue isn’t much help to most of you)

His name is Lucky Oscar Gloor.

Lucky is the name of a song on Radiohead’s OK Computer record, one of our all-time favorites. And my childhood hero Evel Knievel had the phrase “Color Me Lucky” on many of his helmets and motorcycles. The word “lucky” also bears a relationship to Laura’s mom’s maiden name: Lucas.

And what a coincidence that he weighed exactly SEVEN pounds at birth 🙂

Of course, we realize we’ve sentenced Lucky to a lifetime of puns (“he’s so Lucky”, “well, aren’t YOU Lucky?”, etc.) and the automatic greeting/ice-breaker (“Hi, I’m Lucky” or “Is that you’re REAL name?”, etc.). But we thought we’d go with it anyway. I know someone who has endured that similarly and it’s all worked out 🙂

Oscar has been a Gloor first name for four generations (my great grandfather, grandfather, father, and brother). My grandfather and father have been huge inspirations. So we’re making it five, in their honor!

Thanks everyone for all of your well wishes via FB, texts, e-mails, etc. Laura Paciorek , Tempy, Lucky, and I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness.


[Editor’s note: Storm is a music professor at UCD. He is extremely active in music activities both on campus and around town. He has been kind enough to come speak to COMBO about the business of music several times, recently on how to use social websites to promote you, your music, and/or your band.]

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