Isabelle Stillman – COMBO’s Top 2019 Songwriter! (from her website)

COMBO’s Secretary and Songwriting Contest Co-Ordinator Mark King has announced the top scoring songs in the 2019 contest! Here are the twenty-one song entries that won a track on the contest CD in the track order list. [Please note that these songs are NOT necessarily in the order of scoring, although “Kid” by Isabelle Stillman was the highest scoring song!]

01. “Kid” – Isabelle Stillman
02. “Truth Is Dead” – Joel Ashmore and Dave Brophy
03. “Love Lifts Me Up High” – Don Gnecco
04. “She Takes On To Me” – Daniel Houser
05. “Goodnight Sweet Baby” – Laurie Dameron
06. “B Side” – Cass Clayton and Taylor Scott
07. “Closer” – Sloan Robison
08. “Mile High Lament” – Jeffrey Dallet
09. “That Rockin’ Beat” – Steve Son
10. “40 Hours” – Patrick O’Flynn and Mimi Munroe
11. “Accordion Caravan” – Gordon Lewis
12. “A House Divided” – Robert Hojaboom
13. “Rendezvous For Two” – Erik Nelson
14. “Dark Sky” – Eric Peterson
15. “Do You Think of Me” – Laurie Dameron
16. “Roll The Dice” – Jim Seely
17. “Over You” – Michelle Roderick
18. “That Salinger Novel” – Isabelle Stillman
19. “The Most Beautiful” – Cass Clayton and Taylor Scott
20. “Bree Tree” – Justin Faye
21. “World Gone Cray” – Joel Ashmore and Dave Brophy

Reminder: These compilation CDs will be passed out to the record companies, publishers, music supervisors, and other music professionals that will be attending the Durango Songwriters Expo being held at the Omni Interlocken Hotel & Resort in Broomfield on October 3rd thru 5th.

Also, ten of the top scoring writers will be asked to perform at the COMBO Songwriters Showcase on Friday, November 15th at the Walnut Room, 7:30 – 10:00 p.m. And, as per the last few years, one of the writing bands will be asked to close out the evening!


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