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Roma Ransom: Grace Easley & Gordon Lewis (from their website)

[Editor’s note: COMBO members Roma Ransom got this nice write-up in the Colorado Springs newspaper. The duo has had songs in the top of several of COMBO’s Songwriting Contests!] Article by Amanda Hancock, Colorado Springs Gazette | At times, particularly when I was a teenager, I’ve daydreamed about a suitor writing a song about me.

Maybe they’d hand me a folded piece of notebook paper with scribbled lyrics inspired by my face and our love story and our little inside jokes. When I hear it on the radio, I could silently smile and think, “Wow, this is about me.”

But would I want a breakup song about me on a stranger’s speaker? Probs not.

Luckily, I guess, I’ve never caught the eye of a musically inclined someone.

This has to be the risk you run when romance and music mix. Think about how sweet the song “I Got You Babe” is. And how bitter Sonny and Cher’s breakup was.

There’s something special about a couple who make it work and make their music work.

Some of my favorite bands to see live are made up of real-life couples, like Johnnyswim, Shovels and Rope. They have such an intense connection on stage. It looks like love and sounds like love. But I wonder if they’re ever secretly thinking, “I hate you right now.”

I’m basically wondering, what’s this whole on-stage and off-stage partnership thing really like?

For answers, I asked a Colorado Springs duo who have been in a band together for 10 years, which is pretty much the duration of their relationship.

Gordon Lewis and Grace Easley first locked eyes on a street in Springfield, Mo. They were both busking. Then they started playing for people on the streets together. That night, they played music together — just for each other — for hours.

There was “immediate chemistry.”

“From the first song, it was easy to play together,” Easley, a trained violinist, said.

“I was definitely attracted to her for her violin playing skills,” her husband said. “And I really wanted to continue to hang out with her.”

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