Gary Dean Smith: COMBO Songwriting Contest winner

Gary Dean Smith reports on Fb, 3/12/19: So I’m sitting here on my bed playing my guitar like I am still 17… when I get an email from Kari. Our album, AWAKENING, came in on the NACC top 30 jazz chart at #9 for week of March 12th.

Congratulations all of you XPANSION OF A SUM -ers! Mer Sal, Donald Young, Steven Ray Fitzgerald, Spencer Pyne Greg Hannley, Jimmy Haslip, John Macy, Tarik Kawi, Jasco Duende…
Everyone, especially the Colorado folks, please get behind this record. Download the bejeezus out of it and tell everyone you know.

This seems like something Barb Dye at Combo would be all over!

Yes .. I still sit on my bed and play guitar. The only difference now is that I have to do my own laundry.

Photo: Gary Dean Smith

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