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Nearly four years after Matt LaBarge took over the former Bulldog Bar at 3602 East Colfax and transformed it into the Lost Lake Lounge, he has sold it to Larimer Lounge owner and AEG talent buyer Scott Campbell. Campbell, who officially took over the space yesterday, says one of the reasons for buying Lost Lake was to book the overflow from the Larimer Lounge during busy months, such as March and April (during South by Southwest and Coachella) and October and November (during the CMJ Music Marathon) when there are a number of bands touring.

“You have a situation like the last weekend in March where we have a ton of bands that want to come through that weekend and all my clubs are all booked,” Campbell says. “So it would be nice to have yet another club to offer to bands that are coming through in those very busy time frames.”

Given Lost Lake’s proximity to the Bluebird Theater, one of the venues Campbell books for AEG, he’s already used the bar as a meet-and-greet spot for some bands that have played at the Bluebird, and he plans to still use the space for that purpose, as well as for acts who might want to have after-parties. Campbell said the last time the Sword played the Bluebird, they had an after-party at Lost Lake, and BoomBox hosted a meet and greet there. When Built to Spill last played the Bluebird, frontman Doug Martsch did a DJ set at the Lost Lake after the band’s gig.

Campbell has recruited Tony Mason, who worked at Larimer Lounge prior to booking shows at Herman’s Hideaway, to be Lost Lake’s general manager, as well as handling the booking, production and marketing. Campbell says they’ll bringing in local and touring acts and host DJ sets as well.
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