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In the years since it became Lost Lake Lounge, the strip-mall bar sitting on Colfax just west of Colorado Blvd. has maintained a low-key, log-cabin-like atmosphere; beers were sipped at the front room’s small crescent-shaped bar, and bands played in the back room on the floor.

The space has a long history in Denver music. It opened in the early ’40s as the Alamo, Denver’s first piano bar. It went through several name and ownership changes. By 2010 it was the Bulldog and wasn’t hosting shows. Matt LaBarge bought the spot that year and brought back live music. When fellow venue owner Scott Campbell bought Lost Lake Lounge from LaBarge in late 2013, he didn’t waste much time before turning the modest two-room space into a full-on venue. The Lost Lake Lounge of today is in some ways unrecognizable from the one in which you might have spent an evening as recently as December.

“Basically, bands would load in and set themselves up on the floor, and there was a small PA system they could run their vocals through. That was about it,” says Tony Mason, Lost Lake Lounge’s general manager and talent buyer, of the pre-purchase layout.

The first thing to go in Campbell’s renovations was the drop ceiling, which fell to reveal several more feet of vertical space. Crews cleared out the sparsely populated room containing a photo booth, an armoire and a handful of booths, and they built a stage from scratch. A few subwoofers were put in, along with speaker cabinets hung from the ceiling and a monitor system — quite a step up from the previous sound situation.

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Lost Lake Lounge
3602 East Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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Musicians In Action unveiled their very first compilation CD project on Saturday, March 22, 2014, at the CHUN UMX (People’s Fair auditions) held at the Celtic Tavern in LoDo.

The 10 song compilation hopes to raise over $15,000 for the homeless community, with 10% already granted to one of M.I.A.’s key agencies: Senior Support Services.  Funds will also go to the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, The Gathering Place, and Urban Peak.  CD production was made possible by Live Nation, with assistance from Eyedea Worx and Sonic Conscious Studio.

The artists featured on the Songwriter’s Compilation (Volume 1) include: Rob Drabkin, Katey Laurel, Dave Tamkin, Megan Burtt, Ryan Chrys, Stacy Price, Ryan McCarthy, Chris Webb, Andy Palmer, and Jonny Barber (aka SPIV).

M.I.A. founder, Marc Olson said, “We’re very proud of this compilation. These are some exceptional songwriters and we’re grateful for their generous spirit and support of our cause.  Musicians know a little something about hard times and homelessness.”

Marc also added, “Musicians In Action will be celebrating five years in October of 2014 and we have some big plans throughout the year – plus several more projects like this. Please stay tuned…”

More info is available at

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