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In her breakout video, Meghan Trainor was all about that bass — and that booty. But now she’s moved her attention to an above-the-neck body part, in her adorable follow-up video.

In what seems to be an unofficial campaign to land her own M.A.C. Viva Glam endorsement deal, Meghan is all about that pout in “Lips Are Movin’.” For instance, she spends much of the video cavorting in front of a Rocky Horror-esque, lippy backdrop [article contains fun photos!]

And she takes breaks from her dancing by relaxing on a straight-out-of-SYTYCD lips sofa.

And she wears liptastic earrings (way cooler than the “diamond earrings” she actually sings about in the song):

And she excess-orizes with lip-a-licious sunglasses, too!

But there’s one Meghan fashion statement here that’ll really get lips movin’. Surely everyone will soon be talking about her amazingly kissable CAT DRESS!

Meghan Trainor’s major-label debut album, Title, is out Jan. 13. No word yet on when her signature lipstick be available in M.A.C. stores.

By Lyndsey Parker, Managing Editor

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