To get your COMBO barcode, please follow this simple procedure:
Note: You must already be a COMBO member to get a barcode.
Barcodes will NOT be issued until you follow the procedure below.
It may take 2 -3 weeks from the time a member joins to the issuance of a barcode via email because COMBO is a volunteer organization with no paid staff members.

  1. Fill out the form below.  You will need your COMBO Member #, Artist Name, Album Title, Estimated release date, Format (CD, vinyl, tape, etc…), Record Label (If you have one) and email Address.
  2. Please note that each COMBO member is entitled to only 1 (one) free barcode per year. (That’s one per band, not one per band member) Additional barcodes are available at $50/each. 
  3. You will receive your barcode via email within a few days from our Volunteer Barcode Administrator.
  4. After you get your barcode you must place it on the packaging of your CD with the COMBO logo nearby.  It should look like this:

  5. Download this Soundscan form, fill it out, and fax it in, so they know that a barcode is assigned to your CD.
  6. Click this link for The COMBO Barcode Brochure.

To get a barcode from COMBO please fill out this form:

By submitting this request I/we agree to hold the Colorado Music Association harmless from any liability in connection with this recording project, and verify that we understand that the COMBO logo must appear on the packaging in close proximity to the barcode.

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