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Dolores O’Riordan [photo By Alterna2 http://www.alterna2.com – The Cranberries en Barcelona]

From J. Gonzo Booth on Fb, 1/13/18: Garth Edwinson – February 13th we will have a rosary and Mass for family and those who feel comfortable with this kind o cf service . Then, we are choreographing Garth’s final performance here on Earth with a memorial and burial on February 14, Valentine’s day. Details to follow.

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Local Musician Garth Edwinson Passes

Good-bye to my friend, band mate, and fellow philosopher Garth Edwinson. No one will ever really understand what your absence will mean to me. ~ J. Gonzo Booth on Fb, 1/10/18

Nathan Stunkel: He was a great friend with great talent. I am at a loss for words! He will be greatly missed.

Jason Lycan: I just learned that a friend and fellow musician took his life yesterday. This has left me and the people that cared about him in pain and disbelief. This Life is short and no matter how bad things are they can get better. If you are having thoughts about suicide please reach out to someone and try to work through things. There is no easy answer for depression but you are not alone in your struggle.

RIP Garth Edwinson you will be missed.

Call the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) at any time for help if you or a friend is struggling.

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Other Notable Musicians’ Deaths… January 2018

January 2018
18: Augusto Polo Campos, 85, Peruvian composer.

17: Oldrich Veselý (cs), 69, Czech musician.

16: Shammi Akhtar, 60, Bangladeshi playback singer, breast cancer; Madalena Iglésias, 78, Portuguese actress and singer.

15: Anshel Brusilow, 89, American violinist and conductor; Khadija Abdullahi Daleys, 81, Somali singer; Buddhadev Das Gupta, 84, Indian *sarod player, heart attack; Edwin Hawkins, 74, American gospel musician (“Oh Happy Day”, “Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)”), multiple Grammy winner, pancreatic cancer; Dolores O’Riordan, 46, Irish singer and musician (The Cranberries, D.A.R.K.).



Photo: By Alterna2 http://www.alterna2.com – The Cranberries en Barcelona

Uploaded by Amarvudol, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=9772698

14: Barbara Cope, 67, American rock ‘n’ roll groupie, house fire; Paul Lustig Dunkel, 74, American flutist and conductor; François Morel, 91, Canadian composer; Marlene VerPlanck, 84, American jazz singer.

VERY interesting bio: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbara_Cope

13: Otoniel Gonzaga, 75, Filipino opera singer; Tzimis Panousis, 63, Greek musician, comedian and actor, heart attack.

12: Françoise Dorin (fr), 89, French writer, song lyricist and actress.

11: Pierre Pincemaille, 61, French organist.

10: Eddie Clarke, 67, British guitarist (Motörhead, Fastway), pneumonia; Alfred Morris III, 60, American rock guitarist (Iron Man).


9: Alexander Vedernikov, 90, Russian singer and teacher, Bolshoi Theatre soloist (1958–1990), People’s Artist of the USSR (1976).


* The sarod (or sarode) (????) is a stringed instrument, used mainly in Hindustani music. Along with the sitar, it is among the most popular and prominent instruments. The sarod is known for a deep, weighty, introspective sound, in contrast with the sweet, overtone-rich texture of the sitar, with sympathetic strings that give it a resonant, reverberant quality. It is a fretless instrument able to produce the continuous slides between notes known as meend (glissandi), which are important in Indian music.


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