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Real Heart BEAT Sound! HEALING one hour Meditation Music with Isochronic embedded tones, brainwave entrainment for anti-anxiety, stress, inner turmoil! Create WARMTH and well-being through Self Help! Brainwave Entrainment Tones actually entrains (coaches) your brain to respond in a more relaxed and balanced way. Just like your muscles the more you use it the better and faster your mind can achieve a positivity Mindset! The Isochronic Tones used in this 1 hour meditation session are designed to give you an overall feeling of warmth and well being and can give you relief from anxiety. A true anti anxiety meditation session with calming meditation music to make it even more enjoyable.

The embedded Sound Therapy naturally assists your brain to steady its own inner reactivity and so calm troublesome feelings of stress, anxiety, panic, frustration, hyper-alertness and distress depression.. including Chronic Pain and Nerve Pain can be subdued.

Whole Brain Isochronic Tones | Brainwave Entrainment Stimulation
Calming Music therapy with congenial isochronic tones accommodate your brain to operate rhythmical throbbing with vibration to procure required isochronic frequency. This frequency helps, developing your inner psychic power, telepathic capability, clairvoyant ability and cognitive skills for intuition. Brain Entrainment Isochronic tones stimulation frequency help you to reach the state of higher alertness, increasing required strength and endurance for proper focused attention span reducing poor attention and mind wondering problems.

Listening to these brain wave stimulation tones is extremely beneficial for enclosing and activating Gamma and theta wave centers of the brain. The tones motivates you to reach the intended state of super consciousness. Isochronic tones, brainwave entrainment frequency encourages the state of awareness with precise neural activity. This neural activity creates and promotes enthusiasm for creative thinking, cognitive focus and skill, human perception, memory function, awareness of thoughts, awakening the third eye, let go of physical sensation, spiritual development, mindfulness practice, optimism, determination and persistence power, quick learning, time management, critical thinking, develops communication skills, team work aspirations, self motivation, mind consciousness, releasing obligation and restrictions, healing and contentment, studying, healthy sleep motifs, exercising, meditating, relaxing, emotional well being, promoting health, reducing mental and physical stress, lowering depression and anxiety for a peaceful state of mind, body and soul and overall warmth and well-being.

IMPORTANT – The music provided here is not to be used by anyone while under the influence of alcohol or any other mood altering substances, whether they are legal or illegal. We recommend taking a glass of water before enjoying each session as tests have shown it can help prevent any discomfort. No Head phones are necessary to benefit from the healing tones. Use this as background music while you work or study or a complete 1 hour Meditation session.

IMPORTANT – Keep in mind that although this music has been designed to contribute to your overall general wellness and well-being, it is not meant to replace any medical or psychological treatment or consultation. If you have a serious medical condition, please consult with your medical doctor immediately. Do not use while driving or operating machinery as there is a brain stimulation effect while listening. This is not intended to replace any medical treatment that you may be undergoing. Always consult with your physician .

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