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From COMBO Board Member Alex Teitz: Last week I attended Immersive Denver’s Art of Mass Gathering Program. I e-mailed them this weekend about where our paths converge. I just received a response and they asked if tonight’s happy hour was open. Since we don’t have an program tonight I offered them an invite. Hopefully it will bring more people. In addition they have Wednesday programs at 12. Their first one this Wednesday deals with a pay-what-you-want ticketing platform (something I think all musicians would be interested in).

They are a group that deals with Immersive Art. During the program last week Itchy-O was one of the people who logged on. They definitely use immersive art as part of their shows.


It is available on their FB for free. Interesting items. Platform is weshowup.io – One big factor on it is people are reminded to pay after the event, which site founder has resulted in 81% of the audience paying 50% or more than the artist asks for. Does not use language including “tip” or “donation.” A reservation is required.

… we snagged an hour with Vancouver-based actor, magician, and entrepreneur Khalil Ashanti, who not only has a piece in Fringe but also developed the streaming and ticketing platform weshowup.io that will back several of the performances. Learn some of the best practices for going virtual that Kahlil has synthesized by watching hundreds of artists on his platform make the switch from live to online events over the past few months. We’ll also be talking community-building, the psychology of experience, and some of the strategies that are on his mind for growing your audience even in challenging times.

You can find Immersive Denver at: https://www.facebook.com/ImmersiveDenver/

[Thank you to Alex Teitz, http://www.femmusic.com, for contributing this article.]


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