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Chuck Hughes (from his Facebook page)

From Chuck Hughes on Fb., 01/06/2020: Today, if you’re not in it for the long haul, don’t even bother, just get a straight job and stay out of entertainment. The road is harder than ever. Despite everybody being able to play at little or no cost, it’s nearly impossible to gain adherents, i.e. fans. But if you pay your dues and treat your audience right you can gain a living.- Lefsetz

Barb Dye’s response: We all LOVE music / songs yet for some unknown reason “we” cannot seem to support the songwriter/musician who creates those melodies and lyrics.

CH’s reply: We had an audience member ask us what our day jobs were a couple months ago. We must have sounded terrible or she never knew a musician without a day job. I told her my day job was booking, advertising, band management, writing, production, publicity, and website updating.


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