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Christopher Ryan

The Very Clever Christopher Ryan 3 (from his Facebook page)

We received a few notes from our members regarding their latest projects. We thought you might want to check them out to see what the “competition” is doing during this “stay in your homes” period of our lives. Sounds like we have some pretty creative stuff going on!

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Christopher Ryan Sends New Christmas Song “I’ll Stay Home for Christmas”!! (You’ll LOVE this one!)

Thought you might want to hear my latest holiday tune inspired by the pandemic. I don’t usually do parody, or jazz, but the inspiration struck and I felt the need to capture it. Glad to have a home recording set up!

Hope you are safe and well,
Christopher Ryan


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Mad Dog Blues Sends “Hug With Our Heart”

To be released January 11, 2021! This album was not a planned birth. We are as surprised as you are that it came into existence less than two months after the successful release of our epic new double album, Family Reunion 2020, on October 15, 2020.

We did a Dazzle Presents Monday Night Blues Live Stream concert on December 7, 2020, during the height of the Covid19 pandemic at Mighty Fine Studios in Denver, Colorado. Mad Dog had just completed a song he co-wrote with Jenn Cleary and had brought charts for everyone to see as we had not been practicing regularly since it got too cold to be outside. During our sound check we had time to run through the chart a couple times. It sounded so good we decided to stay an extra hour in the studio after the live stream and try to record the new song plus a second new song that Big Willy Palmer had just penned.

We were warmed up and a little emotional after having the opportunity again to play together. Both new songs were a call for unity, intense yet hopeful, perhaps even comforting in these challenging times. The tracks seemed both raw, relevant, and magical to us, so we decided to release both tracks sooner than later even though they will certainly mature over the next couple of years. To round out the EP we also included a fun, extended live version (from the Live Stream on 12/7/20) of one of our most popular songs, “It.’s Raining on My Chickens,” from our first CD. We hope this album finds you where you live and brings us all together a little more.

Mad Dog Friedman on harp and vocals
Sean Bennight on acoustic guitar
Big Willy Palmer on acoustic guitar and vocals
Jeff Becker on mandolin
Clark Chanslor on bass

All tracks recorded at Mighty Fine Studio in Denver, Colorado on December 7, 2020 by Colin Bricker, chief engineer. All tracks mixed and mastered by Mad Dog Friedman.

Cover art and design by M. D. Friedman



Please see http://www.ColoradoCountryBlues.com to learn more.

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Sharon Glassman Creates Some Really Cool Merchandise

From Sharon Glassman: Do you bee-lieve in magic?!? Bee-cause that’s what we’re spreading in this email today! It’s the season of hope, love and, yes, magic, which is why we’re STILL offering our Christmas sale of 20% off using code ‘MERRY20’ at checkout. That means you can get T’s, stickers, cards and more – all bee themed if you want, because why not?


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From the Colorado Blues Society: Sign up to support the Colorado Blues Society when you shop online at Amazon. Just visit smile.amazon.com where you can choose the Colorado Blues Society as your charity the first time you visit the site. The Amazon Smile Foundation will give 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to the Colorado Blues Society and will remember your selection the next time you shop.


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