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Kirk and his late best friend Joey

From Kirk Montgomery on Facebook, 7/01/20: We are Tired and Frustrated – We are Angry – We are Sick – and Sick and Tired – of our reality – We can ignore it – We can protest it – We can blame the Government or the Media – and yet – if you ignore it —we will die – This Virus – doesn’t care if you are on the left or the right – This Virus doesn’t care if you are a “Karen” or a “Chad” or white or of color – It doesn’t care if you are bothered – or if it disrupts your “normal” – This Virus doesn’t care if you have a Concealed Carry – This virus doesn’t care if you are an actor, singer, steel worker, body builder, make 30K or 130K a year – or if you are Gay or Straight

This Virus isn’t for or against our current President – It’s a VIRUS – IT DOESN’T CARE! –

Wash your Hands! WEAR A FUCKING MASK – This too shall pass – or it won’t – Depending on what YOU DO RIGHT NOW!

Be Well. Be Safe. Don’t be Selfish. Peace. Stay Safe – Stay Well


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