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Singer/Songwriter/Musician — and Army and National Guard soldier – Troy Hoss: Kerrynn Kraft held a house concert for him!

With so many of the music venues closed, we have to think outside-the-box – literally. So we need help with putting on house concerts. If you have a large back yard or a good-sized Rec Room, would you consider putting on a house concert?

Details: Some place that can hold 10 guests, seated somehow. Ask them to bring their own lawn chairs for outside – or even inside! Maybe even your garage! (Cars parked outside, please). We’ll provide you with a solo singer/songwriter/musician, complete with guitar, or maybe even his/her own keyboard. Depending on the size of the space – or outside – we’ll make sure the artist’s vocals are amplified so you can hear them.

The show will last approximately one hour. We encourage original songs. If you have a favorite cover, please ask the artist about that before hand just to make sure he/she knows it or would be willing to learn it especially as a “Thank You” to you and your family for hosting them.

If you would like to provide some refreshments, that would be greatly appreciated! Soda, chips & dips, or maybe even a beer or two. But don’t go all out.

Ask your guests for a donation (hint at $10 per guest) with the proceeds to go to the musician.

No more than 10 guests (plus your immediate family and the musician) and all should wear masks. A bathroom should be handy – just in case – and for requisite hand washing. You also might want to consider providing sanitizer or sanitizing hand wipes. Or ask your guests to be sure and bring their own.

Please don’t knock yourself out! This should be a fun event that can help out our musicians at the same time… And provide you with a neat way to entertain your friends in an unusual, private, cozy, and intimate setting.

Send a message to COMBO President Barb Dye at president@coloradomusic.org if you would be willing to help out. If you have a musician friend that you would like to have over, please feel free to contact them directly. If you do not know of anyone, please contact us. Let us know what style of music you’d like. Be bold, be brave – ask for something out of YOUR box!!

We are SO looking forward to hearing from you soon!

~ Barb
Or leave a voicemail at 720-570-2280

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