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Cody Qualls of Face Vocal Band wins Vocalist of the Year

From Cody Qualls on Facebook on 10/11/20: NO IDEA WHAT TO SAY… For the first time in my nearly twenty year career as a vocal coach, I was asked a question that left me emotionally and profoundly stumped.

It’s common for me to get questions from singers of all styles and ages about how to keep their voice healthy and gain vocal stamina.

However, I recently had a student ask me: “How do I protect my voice from the constant smoke in the air?” And the shocking thing is, bless their heart, that they asked me with the sort of tone that this was a normal, common question, and that I’d have an answer. And it made me reflect on the times we live in.

I felt humiliated (and not because I didn’t have the answer to their question).

How far does the collective of humanity have to go to grasp the edge we are riding with our environment? The question left me with profound concern. What a sobering moment it was for me. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.


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