NOTES: Scotte & Toni Burns Need Aid for Their Video Series “Love in America”

MUSIC NOTES: Scotte & Toni Burns Need Aid for Their Video Series “Love in America”

Talk about LOVE in America! Scotte & Toni Burns live it!

What if Americans could break through stereotypes, unite the red and blue divides, and rediscover one another through who and what we love? COMBO members Scotte and Toni Burns of “Love in America” are doing that! They’re riding across America, working to reconnect Americans through discovering and sharing real love stories from all kinds of different peopl and cultures across a country we don’t get to see much in the news or online, where differences don’t divide people – they’re just parts of the bigger story we share as Americans! But there’s a little more to it – Here’s a video that shows what they’re up to:

You can help them create a video series (for web and TV) of real tales of love and hope from all kinds of American people and cultures, and help bring us all together by donating here:

They could really use your help, and are trying to raise $7000.00 by July 17th. Even a small donation would help them reach their goal, and earlier ones actually encourage more people to donate, since they tend to support these things when they already look like they’re succeeding.

You can also help by sharing their campaign on Facebook and Twitter, and forwarding this email to other people you know who would support trying to reunite Americans through Love in America’s work! Thanks for helping out; the country could really use a little love right now, and this project is something I really believe in!

If you have any questions about the campaign or Love in America, Scotte and Toni would be happy to hear from you at Thanks again!

[Editor’s note: Scotte is a teacher and a musician. He was formerly the vocalist and bassist of the band Ironwood Rain in Denver. He wife and band manager Toni served on the COMBO board for two years.]


Please @ individuals you think would like to help, or media outlets – thank you!

Ever wondered if there’s a way to bring Americans together again? There is! Help me do it with love by supporting Love in America! #loveinamerica #MondayMotivation

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