COMBO Members:

Andy Ard
Music for people who want to be happier.

Joel Ashmore
Indie – Rock – Alternative
Brashmore is a small songwriting group from DENVER, LA, and HOUSTON. Joel Ashmore, Dave Brophy, and Russell Knott with Jed “Jedi” Thurlow at the engineering helm. We write pop driven tunes from many styles. We are interested in networking, marketing, selling, and licensing our music of which we record, write, and produce 100 percent at the MUSIC BOX in Platte Park 80210. Thanks for checking us out!

Lisa Bell

Joe Chinnici
a.k.a. Six Foot Joe
P.O. Box 470132, Aurora, Colorado 80047
Blues – Rock
Horn driven rock and roll, that’s the essence of Six Foot Joe’s music. With a sound that’s six feet tall, hard-blowing sax man and vocalist Six Foot Joe revs up his own blend of rock & roll / blues with horns a plenty. Influences: Sax icons King Curtis and Jr. Walker; horn bands like Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes, Jack Mack & the Heart Attack and the Powder Blues Band. Combining his passion for early rock & roll and lyrical imagery, Joe’s lyrical influences rest squarely on the shoulders of guys like Springsteen and Joe Ely — two artists who are master word-smiths. Joe takes center stage with his own hip-brand of rocking-blues flavored music with his backing band the Red Hot Rhinos, and continues to create an eclectic catalog of music.

Dead Boyfriend

Dead Boyfriend combines punk, alternative, and rock influences with piano and bass driven songs. Ranging from slow and melancholic to fuzzy and aggressive, this DIY solo project has recently released an album, single, with more to come…


Cate Downey
Folk / Pop
12 year old singer songwriter

Kennenth Harper Finton
The Fintons
CLASSICS FROM 20s to 60s
The poet said, “Beauty is truth and truth beauty.” Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so then is truth. My name is Kenny Finton. I have been writing music for more that 40 years. I performed as a young man in coffee houses, concerts, and did the folk circuits during the folk craze in the late 60s. I then became a staff writer in New York City, after three years I got sick of it and moved back to my roots and the countryside. I quit performing during that time, taking time to raise a family, care for elders, and pursue many other ambitions. Yet, I never quit writing. I returned to performance in the 80’s when the urban country craze rocked the movies and radio. Not liking bars, once again I quit to pursue more intellectual things. I have returned to performing again in the last three to four years and have made a great little niche in Denver playing originals and covers for seniors, casinos and selected venues and parties, most of it local. Like Little Richard, I am pretty darned well preserved for my age. I would never trade the experiences and challenges I have faced for youth — nor would I take a drink from the fountain of youth, thank you. Except for some inevitable health changes, becoming a senior is a righteous gas and has its own valuable perks. Our performances have done nothing but improve in all that time. I am much fonder of the way I can sing and write now than I ever was as a teenager or a 40-something. I might be too old for ‘American Idol’, but you will quickly find that my music is a lot different melodically and lyrically than the usual fare offered up on the Internet. Whether ‘tis better or not is your choice, not mine. I am pleased with the improvements, personally. I have learned the great art of loving my life and times. Chaya and I have been working together for 30 years. She also gets better and better with time. Like old wine, deliciousness is often a matter of time.

Paul Noel Fiorino
Composer / Musician
Paul Noel Fiorino is dedicated to Family & Fans. Inspired by young love, the Grace of God, the longing for romance and family interaction, this album has it all. Having sung in his Mother’s choirs and leading hymns for Mass. Paul achieved through his High School madrigal group as a tenor in All State Chorus for Colorado. He found the art of Ballet and a career that expands over forty years of dance and music. A resume that includes companies from Denver, Dallas and Israel to New York City Ballet, the guitar was his companion. A unique and personal style of two finger picking, like two legs on six classical strings, dancing across a staff of notes with lyrics that are articulated to be heard, to move the soul, the heart, the physical art of the song. Performing for Dignitaries, Festivals, Churches and Concerts, Paul Noel Fiorino is ready to perform for you, his ballads.

Andrea Flanagan

Andrea Flanagan is not only a singer/songwriter, she is a dynamic music entertainment professional. During her lifelong devotion to her craft she has stretched her ambitions to cover many different areas within the industry. Her years of experience include drumming in punk bands, fronting cover bands, pursuing a music business degree and playing guitar, keys and/or vocals in original rock bands. Her songwriting, powerful voice, raw guitar riffs, and a strong ambition to share her human experience through music allows her to reach her audience one engaging performance at a time.

From her attitude-filled rock songs to her insightful lighter numbers, Andrea infuses her love of nature, long road trips, relationships, and self and social reflections into her work.

She is influenced by the soulful and explosive vocal expression of Janis Joplin, the high energy, dance-able and headbang-able rock of Van Halen and the impactful writing of Dan Wilson.

Jack Gaffney
Latest Album: Nothing to Be Afraid Of
Jack Gaffney is a 16-year-old singer, songwriter, pianist, composer and high school student. Jack began playing piano at age 4 and writing songs at 9. His first CD, “Nothing to be Afraid Of”, was recorded when he was 12, and his second CD when he was 14. Jack performs his piano driven original songs along with inspired arrangements of rock, pop and blues at regional and national venues. Jack has been chosen by the Colorado Blues Society to represent Colorado in the Youth Showcase at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, January 2014.

Denise Gentilini
Film Music/Songwriter
Denise Gentilini is a two time Emmy award winning composer who specializes in music for film/documentaries and composing music for concerts that focus on a cause.

Steve Glotzer

Steve Glotzer has been performing around the country at clubs, festivals and concerts for over thirty years, opening shows for a wide range of artists such as Delbert McClinton, Blues Traveler, Dr. John, Larry Coryell, David Grisman, Son Seals, David Wilcox, Sonia Dada Roger McGuinn, John Cowen, Richard Elliott, and more, and Steve has released four Cds; Life Imitates Art, Lately, Acoustic Christmas, and Memory of One.

Rebecca Harrold
Pianist, singer, songwriter recently relocated to Denver after having served as principal Pianist with Boston Ballet for 15 years. She also worked as a free-lance singer for various venues, broadway reviews and a cappella functions in which she, along with her group Faith In Action, was able to share the camera with Bobby McFerrin (of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” fame) New to the area and eager to share her original works, Rebecca is promoting her recent CD she co-produced with Grammy award winner William Ackerman, while playing for local churches and singing with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

Jane Haynie
Singer/songwriter with a small acoustic blues group in the works. I write in the style of Pop Rock with a Blues infusion. Looking to network and to pursue songwriting goals and build network for a future non-profit venture bringing songwriting support to high school students and at-risk teens.

Chuck Hughes
Chuck Hughes Band
Hillbilly Hellcats
Chuck Hughes is active with musical performance, songwriting, touring, recording, and music licensing. He is known for his 18 year association with Hillbilly Hellcats rockabilly trio, and his solo and duo performances on the Chapman Stick Touchboard. In addition to playing in the previously named acts he also freelances as a guitarist. His touring has taken him to most of the U.S. states as well as 13 European countries.

Avery Hynes
18 year old singer/songwriter from Vail, Co.

Toni Burns
Ironwood Rain

Jeff King
I have been performing in Colorado for over 25 years, playing mostly acoustic covers solo and with a number of bands. I have also been singing a cappella for almost as long, first with The Diners and for almost 20 years with Cool Shooz. I am presently working on my second all-original CD, The Golden Thread, due to be released in the spring.

Robert Allen Kirby
Singer/Songwriter/Novelist creating Texas Blues in Colorado.

Ashley Kisner
Jazz – Pop
Ashley Kisner is 18 yrs. old and is known for her big voice and unwaivering determination to succeed in the music business. Genres include Jazz, Blues, Pop and Classic Standards. Influences include Nora Jones, Adele, ZZ Ward, Etta James, Christine Aguilara and others. Currently working on her first album of original songs, she hopes to sign with a label by the end of the year.

Patrick Kratzer
Patrick Kratzer is a 27 year-old singer/songwriter/musician, based in Pueblo, Colorado. He has been performing professionally for more than 7 years and over 900 gigs. He is primarily a solo-acoustic artist, but does have band experience. His song list includes more than 160 covers and over 40 worthy originals. He was recently signed to record a couple of his songs for legendary Nashville producer, Doc Holiday, and did so in February. Patrick continues to gig and hopes for another opportunity to work with Doc in Nashville.

Steve Law
Steve Law Band
Folk Rock we are a Denver based band of all original folk rock. our songs are guitar driven, melodic, harmony rich songs of life and love on the planet.

Steven Lyle
Acoustic Rock
Colorado born and raised acoustic guitar singer songwriter.
One CD released on Denali Records entitled: STEVEN LYLE SPIRIT&IMAGE

Chris Martin
P.O. Box 592
Florence, Colorado 81226
Been playing for a while, writing even longer…

Blake Mayabb
Julia VanScyoc (Manager)
Christian Rap

Blake Mayabb was raised in Middletown, Ohio – “the Fifth fastest dying city”, according to ‘Forbes’ Magazine and the city where there is lost hope and broken dreams on every corner. The city was unable to kill Blake’s dreams but actually inspired and shaped him into the artist he has become. Blake focuses on the raw realness of Hip-Hop, moving audiences for which he performs.
After losing his girlfriend in 2010 and his best friend in 2012 and dealing with the pain of death of two people he loved most in the world, Blake is directing the sadness, loneliness and emptiness from this loss towards a higher power and using his talent to work for God and God’s message.

Sandra Moffett
Jazz, Country, Blues
Began singing and playing keys as a hobby with country bands in the ’70’s. Dropped a healthcare career for full-time music in 2006 after moving to Colorado from Florida. I have generally played 20 or so gigs per month, so I began S-H-E Entertainment to help other musicians book gigs. S-H-E is my umbrella for a wide variety of musical services whether performed by me as a solo, duo or band member or as host of Open stages and Blues Jams, or in serving to fill a venues calendar. Always on the soapbox for respect for musicians.

Adrienne Osborn
Indie Electro-Rock

AdrienneO is female-fronted indie electro-rock band from Boulder/Denver. Metric meets Miike Snow meets OneRepublic. Dark lead vocals simmer over solid grooves and electronic textures.

Norma Pfaff

Bruce Swanson
Bass Man
(720) 480-7315
Instrumental Rock/Funk/Jazz
Based in Colorado, Bruce Swanson is an artist who utilizes a creative approach to songwriting drawn from his formal Jazz education with mentors like Doc Fowler and Ronald Stein. He also has a love for Rock, Pop, and Funk music, solidified through years of performing in bands like Denver Public Fusion and REBOP. Bruce’s current high-energy Funk/Rock project, Big Bottom, features his tremendous bass playing skills, and he is also a lyricist and composer for the Pop/Rock groups Digby Wallace and OstinAuto.

The Symbols
Rock Pop

The Symbols are a female fronted trio from Fort Collins Colorado. They play original songs that are a culmination of rock, blues, funk, world, and jazz styles with an overall pop melodic sensibility.

Tim or Catrina Powell
Two Girls with Guitars

Caitlin & Sidney Powell are from the Evergreen Mountains overlooking Denver Colorado, these singing/songwriting sisters have been gaining recognition in the Colorado area for their individual original soulful songs, pumped up with strong vocals and engaging live performances. They frequently perform both as individuals and together, delivering outstanding harmonies while providing their own accompaniment on acoustic rhythm guitar. Singing from birth they learned to play guitar as pre-teens while living in the Carolina’s under the instruction of Don Russo. Now at the ripe ole’ age of fourteen and eleven they have recorded and have copyrights on multiple original songs, filled with catchy hooks, a rock-folk feel and a touch of influence from living in the deep south for a decade.

Uncle Ewe & The Sands of Time
I play: bass, rhythm guitar, and some keyboard.

Pete Vriesenga
P.O. Box 40777
Denver, Colorado 80204
Pete is a professional musician and musician’s rights activist. He is president of the Denver Musicians Association (American Federation of Musicians) and served for 10 years on the Executive Board of the Colorado AFL-CIO . Pete is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado, with emphasis on low brass performance. He is a member of the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra and frequently performs with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra and Colorado Springs Philharmonic. Past performance credits range in diversity from the Orquesta Sinfonica de Xalapa (Mexico) to the Woody Herman Orchestra, and also legendary performers that include Tony Bennet, Nelson Riddle, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Mel Torme.

Rosann Winn
Set It Free Music
Singer-Songwriter & Jazz Vocalist
Rosann Winn is a Singer-Songwriter & Jazz Vocalist based in Fort Collins, Colorado. She’s been making music professionally for the past 20 years. She performs in both the acoustic folk and jazz genres and appears in many settings, from solo voice-guitar performances to small combos to lead vocalist with the 18-piece Colorado Swing Big Band. Rosann’s vocal style has been described as smooth, light, and melodic. Both her original songs and the cover music she presents share stories of love, loss, hope, faith, and belief. Rosann describes her mission as “creating and performing music to encourage, uplift and inspire”.


Dave Sonner
The American Campus
Americana Rock
Dave Sonner is a singer songwriter from Lakewood CO. He has been recording and playing around town for 15 years and has been playing in support of his first full length album The American Campus since April of 2011. The band formed after the record was released composed primarily of the studio musicians who played on the record but the lineup has changed many times since. Dave plays a lot of solo shows as an acoustic act but also plays with the full band when he can.

Articulate Tongues
Rap Music

Jeremiah Briggs
Novelty Theory
New Album: JDB (Jesus, DooBies, & BooBies) Record Label: Quicksand Profits

Bonnie Botham
President and General Manager of Licksun Lyrics Music LLC Publishing writing, and promoting Colorado artists. Performing acoustic guitar, mandolin, bass and vocalist.
Member of Denver Musicians Association.

Cody Brubaker
The Brixton Guns
The Brixton Guns’ self titled debut EP is an attack on the conventional music industry. Influenced by bands like Green Day, Black Flag, Tool spanning to The Police, Pretty Lights, and Coldplay, The Brixton Guns are no strangers to controversy. While their music is aimed at the sole purpose of expression and brutal honesty, it has developed a sound controversial in nature while the band’s live performances push the boundaries of traditional rock and roll with the raw energy of hardcore punk blended with the blissful ambience of Coldplay, the songwriting/reggae influence of The Police, and the party atmosphere of an electronic show. If you were to ask the 3 piece what describes their sound, they would immediately say “ambient dance ska punk, our ‘pop with nuts’, or Denver Partycore”

Ethan Williams
ursalater is a Rock Duo based in Boulder, CO. The two band mates, Corey Garretson and Ethan Que Williams, met through playing in a funk band together and jamming just as a duo after rehearsals.
Bursalater’s influences are cemented in the blues and rock repertoire from Robert Johnson to Led Zeppelin. Put in the modern climate of rock, their style reflects the fierceness of The White Stripes, the coolness of The Black Keys, and the humor of Ween.

Joy C.
Raised in Denver, 22 year old Joy C. has been singing and performing since the age of 3.

Ca$h Flow
My name is Ca$h Flow I’m from Denver (born and raised).
I’m a local star in Denver, but I need to take my carrer to a new level and need the help of a manager

Kelly Carlson
Jaden Carlson
Jaden realized her passion for guitar at an early age. Starting her venture with classical Suzuki training, she quickly moved to acoustic and electric rock, teaching herself many of her favorite covers and writing her own original material. Her musicianship on the guitar and songwriting is beautiful and impressive.

Lance Foster
Elmo Chesterhazy
Primarily a songwriter, Elmo Chesterhazy has performed throughout Colorado and much of the Southwest for over thirty years. He now resides in Pagosa Spgs.

Andy Clifton
AC & Co.
Jam Band, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
After soldiering in Kuwait and Iraq and then honorably discharging from the Army in 1996 at Fort Carson, Colorado, Andy began performing live music in and around Colorado Springs, CO. Working as the House Musician for many local venues for two decades, Andy developed into one of the area’s most talented and enthusiastic performers. Providing consistent high-quality, passionate live music and employing responsible business practices gained Andy a good reputation and a busy live schedule. Being named “Individual Performer of 2004” by the Pike’s Peak Arts Council and forming the band Andy Clifton and Company (AC&Co.) in 2005, led to more stage time as well as a larger circle of pro-quality working musicians.
Andy’s original music is rhythmic and fun, danceable, yet emotional and intimate. Andy’s songs are based in Rock with elements of Jazz and Folk woven in. Some are heavier and some are sweeter, some are straightforward, some are deep, and even though they all have Andy-characteristics… they are all unique.

Melanie Barnes
Come To Colorado
Lyric soprano trained in Europe, now specializing in crossover folk music.

Danny Akins
Colfax Cowboys

Charlene Coran
Charlene Coran As Stevie Nicks
Charlene Coran is known from the West Coast all the way to the East Coast as portraying a mystical & hauntingly close impersonation of Stevie Nicks. Charlene is part of the cast to the world famous annual NYC event called, “Night of a 1000 Stevies” (NOTS) since 2006 and labeled as a “Stellar” performer by NOTS producers. Charlene being the only NOTS performer representing Colorado is listed as part of the cast on the main “Night of a 1000 Stevies” website at: . Over a 1000 Stevie Nicks fans attend this event every year.

Tony Wojciechowski
Cover Story
We are a pop/punk band from Aurora Colorado and we love playing music and writing things everyone will enjoy!

Tracy Chrysler
Classical, Folk, and Irish – Contemporary
I started teaching when I was 16. I primarily teach piano, flute and guitar. My first professional piano CD was released in 2004. Currently, there are three solo piano CDs available. In July, the Irish recording project will begin!

Laurie Dameron
Windchime Productions
P.O. Box 475, Niwot, Colorado 80544
(303) 449-3529
To View Laurie’s Solo EPK:
To View Laurie D and the Blues Babes EPK:

harmOny Davies
Dangerous Nonsense
Shannon Webber – Vocals/flute; Sara Miller – Drums; harmOny Davies – Guitar/bass

Jay Quintana
Death Bed Confession
Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Dee Cobb
Colorado Springs, Colorado
just ah young man tryin to make it as a rapper

Lane Phillips

Jim Dixon
Singer / Songwriter

Will Dudley
Lives in southern Colorado and enjoys horses and fishing.
Cowboy Blues, folk

F@mOu$ D
Aspiring singer/rapper, I also love to ghostwrite and produce as well. But I would like to know more.

Jonny Duran
The Jonny Duran Band
The Jonny Duran Band has an original rock, blues, and soul sound. They are a local band and have been playing together for over 10 years creating a unique and entertaining show.

Marques Sledge
Hip Hop/Rap
Sacramento native Marques Sledge, aka Elusive, has been turning heads from the start. From street anthems to radio hits he has proven the ability to accomplish anything he sets his mind to. Known for his smooth delivery, versatile flow, and edgy lyrics, Elusive has the uncanny ability to immediately grab the attention of his listeners within the first verse.

James Faulk
Singer/Songwriter and Producer
James starting singing professionally, at age 15, as lead singer with his brother’s R&B band in South Louisiana. As a high school senior he received the highest awards available for Men’s solo high voice, Men’s Quartet and Mixed Quartet at State Competition and was named to the 1970 Louisiana All State Chorus. Since then, he has performed in a wide variety of musical endeavors and bands over the years, touching on Rock, R&B, Folk, Pop, Jazz, Musical Theatre and Opera as vocalist, acoustic & electric guitarist, drummer and percussionist. James also has an excellent grasp of the technical end of things, working as live sound and studio engineer in California and Colorado as well as back in Louisiana.

David Rumfelt
Fire Riser Room

Tobias Maestas
Forbidden Logic

Joshua Aldrich
1492 The Lie
Progressive Electronica
1492 The Lie is a Progressive/Electronic music project started by Joshua Aldrich.

Sammy Strudgeon
As if being knighted by the Queen of England, Frokus received their funk knighthood from the grand master himself, George Clinton, at the most recent Parliament Funkadelic show in Denver, “Go ahead boys; you are officially funky.”

Brian Roundtree
Fujita Scale
Band Members: Kenneth “Leroy” Goodwin II – Guitar;
Matt “Action” Jackson – Bass;
Swede Grooms – Drums;
Brian “Tree” Roundtree – Lead Vocals
Four fellas from the ‘burbs, playing original, American, Mile-High rock-n-blues from the basements of suburbia.

Doug Garvey
(719) 320-0200
Pueblo, Colorado
Rock / Indie
Multi-instrument,lead vocal, artist development, live and studio production and songwriting. Looking for lyricist to collaborate. Working this business full time so always looking for opportunity to work together with fun loving serious music projects. Have opened for or played with many artists over the years and can’t get it out of my blood.

Thomas Rinnert

Julie Geller

Michael Edwards
Genetic Engines
Indie Rock
Originally formed out of the spooky indie rock of Michael Edwards, Genetic Engines is now a full band of songwriters and skilled instrumentalists writing expressive indie folk/rock songs. Their influences are as wide ranging as Joy Division, The Notwist, Sufjan Stevens, Feist to the Beach Boys, Leonard Cohen, and Woodie Guthrie

Jerome Gilmer
(303) 649-1830
Jerome Gilmer is a seven time Emmy Award winning composer, producer and pianist. He has written and produced hundreds of original musical works for film, video, TV and records, for many of the largest (and smallest) businesses in the US and internationally, for the Olympics, the Goodwill Games, the Late Show with David Letterman, the BBC, the movie “Borat,” the National Park Service and the Air Force Band, and many more.

Gilbert Boisson
The Grand Départure
The music of the Grand Départure seeks to provide an innovative take on an expanding musical landscape. The incidentally acoustic approach combines sweeping lyrical patterns with a wealth of true and progressive melodies, revealing a cultivated voice within the singer-songwriter experience. The songs expose cascading musical phrases with a soaring voice, executed in a raw and delicate manner that is both vulnerable and preciously captivating.

Rudy Grant
The Buffalo Riders
The band plays Country, 50s, Blues, light Rock n’ Roll
Band Members: Lynn Phipps, Bob Case, Fred Martin, Ron Klein

Andy Hackbarth
Record Label: January Records Nashville, 616 Hamilton Ave., Nashville, TN 37203 (615) 283-0162 (email preferred)
Multi-award-winning folk singer/songwriter and classical-flamenco guitarist.
Colorado native and graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder’s classical guitar program.
Andy has recently opened for Melissa Etheridge, Lonestar, David Archuleta, Due West and others.

Kristen Patton
Harlequin Saints
We are a couple of guys from Athens, Georgia who started playing together in the early 90’s in high school. Years later, we moved separately to Colorado, reconnected, and started writing music and playing together again.

Ashley Edwards
Hello Dollface
Band members: Dave Rodriguez, Jesse Ogle, Nate Crowson

Lonnie Hill
Hills Hideaway Music
songwriter, producer, guitarist

Thomas Hine
Thomas Hine’s music is really different from anything else I heard from an American songwriter in these times.

Ben Morris-Rains
Hit the Ground Running
Metal/hardcore band out of the Denver area that formed in August of 2011.
Band Members: Connor Koren – Vocals; David Hubbard – Guitar; Ben Morris-Rains – Guitar; Jay Reider – Bass; Tyler Chambers – Drums

Carl Holz
I play drums with Julia Bryan & The Last Flight Out, a rising start on the scene. In addition, I also work and tune drums and teach a little, as well.

Roger Holzheimer
Living, working, and playing throughout the Russian Federation.

William R Hopper
Keyboards, Music Writer and Producer. 47 yrs in the industry with credit with Wille Hutch, Ike Turner, DC Bellomy, and local and national entertainers.

Anna Lisa Hughes
Anna Lisa
Neo Soul

No matter what language Anna Lisa Hughes sings in, she communicates an enveloping sensuality. Armed with a smoky alto voice, cherry red electric bass, and bombshell looks, Anna Lisa is hopelessly magnetic. Her original songs showcase an ease of stylistic expression, from R&B to Latin rhythm, pop to blues.

Patrick Herrera
King P
Rap Music

Michael McPherson
Rock, Blues, & Original Songs Hourglass is a Colorado-based band that plays rock, blues and original compositions. Their live shows are ideal for clubs, private parties, special events and concerts as their music appeals to a wide cross section of fans in all age groups with songs that feature both male and female lead vocals, tight harmonies and scorching guitar solos.

Jonathan Barlow
Iliff Guitar Quartet
Band Members:Jonathan Barlow; Roger Harmon; Patrick Sutton; Colin Thurmond 4 Master-degreed guitarists from the Lamont School of Music. These highly trained musicians perform any style. They have won several prestigious competitions and appear in solos, duets, and trios as requested. They bring eloquence, depth and virtuousity to any venue.

John “Spud” Jacobs
Rock Piano
I am a self taught pianist who has become a professional playing at Fort Collins Country Club within 5 years of learning the instrument. I am a senior Business Management Major at Colorado State University (3.5 GPA). I am very interested in both what the music industry can offer me and what I can give to the industry in both business and musical talent. As I learned the piano by ear, I discovered that I most definitely have a gifted ear and a musical mind. Music is a huge passion of mine and I would love to become further involved in the business of music.

Tom June
I spent most of my earlier music career touring the country with what was then considered a “New Wave” group called “Elik Pink” and opened for the likes of Bachman Turner Overdrive, The Romantics, and others.
Once he decided to leave the road life, Tom played for a variety of local bands including the classic rock bands “No Excuse” and currently with “TJ Coupe,” the swing band “Swingbilly,” and also played piano in Bo Diddley’s band when he performed in Denver in 2007 along with members of the Railbenders.

Wil Key
Larimar Records
P.O. Box 515
Westminster, Colorado 80036
Acoustic Soul singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Wil Key, has been producing his unique and soulful brand of contemporary R&B music for many years now. This talented artist and producer from Kentucky has written for, recorded and produced some of the finest musical acts in the nation.

David Land
Jazz / Blues
I have played Guitar and/or Bass for several local Jazz and Blues groups. Recently some of my original music has been showcased at Dazzle Jazz. I am a member and a volunteer with KUVO. My goal is to make new connections and advance within music.

Marcie Norman
The Last Flight Out
P.O. Box 851
Franktown, Colorado 80116
(303) 905-6820
Band Members: Julia Bryan; Carl Holz; Jeff Norman
An all original concoction of Country, Blues, Funk, Rock, Pop and Jazz.

Jill Lovato
Live in Englewood with husband and Grandson.
I am a singer/lyrist. I can write song with or without music in many genres.
I have auditioned for Americas Got Talent on 10/10/10 in hopes of getting on show to be scouted for songwriting.

Jerome Luke
Jerome is a very eclectic performer whose work is really hard to categorize and classify within one single genre, incorporating the most disparate influences, ranging from rock, to country, folk and pop. Acoustic rhythm guitars are topped by a powerful bass groove and great solo electric guitars, in the best tradition of bluegrass and electric country. All the music is held together by Jerome’s trademark deep and expressive vocals.

Roger Bianco
Luke’s Bad Neighbor
Rock n’ Roll Cover Band

Christina Lundell
Colorado native and musically inspired since age 2. I grew up singing opera and jazz, and have an undeniable love for not only the performing side, but the music business too. Currently attending CU Denver in the Music Industry Studies program.

Aaron James Hetz
Mantis Bass
16 years experience in live performance and session recording. I have played with several great bands over the years including Hypnotic Clambake, Chocolate Starship, SmackDab, Hello Kitty Death Squad, Crow Radio, and 5 Cubic Feet. Trained under bassist Harry Jacobson of Fredonia University. Currently a freelance player looking for gigs and recording opportunities. I love playing bass, creating beats, and assisting in the digital creation of bass tones.

Yvonne Meek
Yvonne Meek has been performing and songwriting since the early 80s.
She is influenced by such artists as Linda Ronstadt, Stevie Nicks, Heart, Eva Cassidy and Pat Benetar to Diana Krall, Lizz Wright, Shawn Colvin and Tracy Chapman.
Yvonne blends diverse genres into a unique and distinctive vocal sound.

Sloane Michael

Sloane Michael delivers her own brand of songwriting ignited by the spirit of freedom and a passion for the moment. She invites her audience to indulge in a hybrid of diverse musical genres accented by sultry vocals and her own distinctive guitar style.

Jake Harris
Progressive Psychedelic-Blues/Rock

MISCOMUNICADO was birthed from a primordial ooze of psychedelic ideas in the winter of 2010/2011. Founding members Dan Scott, James Hodgkins, and Luke Barone were FACED with this concoction of inspiration inspired concepts. They could think of nothing else but to start a band in order to exude this potion of positive ideas.

Austin Mitchell
I love writing songs and sharing my music with others and hearing others perform it.
Indie Folk music

Mary Mitchell
Vocalist- adult classic pop – ie. Josh Groban, Susan Boyle etc. Singing for 25 years. Also play piano. Released two CD’s last year funded totally by me. Recorded at P.M.E. records in Aurora. Turned a profit on the first CD and was able to record a Christmas album, also very popular. I have no promoter, manager or agent

Jimmy D. Seville
Modern Blues

Mojo Red (aka Ken Mergentime) grew up in Detroit Michigan where he first fell in love with music in general, blues in particular and harmonica in his soul. The Denver-based musician and harmonica instructor began his lifelong devotion to blues harp in high school when he first heard the 1963 LP recording Sonny Boy Williamson Live with the Yardbirds (Mercury records). Flat out one of the best harmonica players in Colorado, Mojo brings his own unique, soulful approach and fluid musical abilities to a range of styles (Chicago blues, jump blues, country blues, jazz, swing and progressive rock) on both diatonic and chromatic harmonicas. During his musical journey he has had opportunity to become friends with and learn much from a number of contemporary harmonica greats including Jason Ricci, Peter Madcat Ruth, Joe Filisko, P.T. Gazell, Michael Peloquin, Dennis Gruenling and Chris Michalek. His major musical influences include titans of the blues such as William Clarke, Charlie Musselwhite, Walter Horton, Little Walter and George Harmonica Smith. Before forming MojoVille (a collaborative effort between Mojo Red and longtime friend and super-talented guitarist Jimmy Seville), he played with the TeraBlu band, the Jump Start Blues Band, The Organic Mechanics and others. Mojo is active member of the international Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica (SPAH).

Steve Morrow
Bassist, guitarist, singer, songwriter with radio play.
Performer, two CDs, working on 3rd CD.
Have played big venues and small, opened for national acts and some not so national.

Merri Mullennix
I play rhythm guitar and classical Native American flutes.
I am a song writer who prefers to loan her songs to other musicians for performance and production.

Michael Martin Murphey
Michael Martin Murphey, “singing cowboy poet”, is not only the number one, best-selling singer/ songwriter of American Cowboy Music, he’s one of the world’s most respected singer/ songwriters in the Pop and Country-Western field. Though he’s remained a lifetime resident and loyal son of Texas, he’s a man on mystical, spiritual quest to try capture the soul of the deserts, plains and mountains in the soul of America- from the Carolinas to California, from the Great Plains to the Deep South to the Wild North Country.

Lucus Strickland
We are a band from Denver who likes to play our own music. We have toured coast to coast and hope to continue doing so.
Band Members: Arnie ‘Big Orange’ Blomquist – Vocals; Thom Whitney – Bass; Pearce Strickland – Guitar; Lucus Strickland – Drums

My Body Sings Electric
My Body Sings Electric is a band that demands your attention. Whether it’s through crystal clear album production or dynamic live shows, they make sure you understand when it comes to their music, they are all business. The successes of the past year have only gone to make the band hungrier, and they show no signs of slowing down soon.

Tommy Von
(303) 630-9476
Psychedelic Rock
Myst was formed in 1989 in Fullerton CA, alongside No Doubt, Social Distortion, Save Ferris and other great Orange County bands of the time.

Ricardo Fierro
NaSa Entertainment
Band members: Pluto, Marsz, Megah Man, JB, A.Starrz; Timeless

Angelo Nation
Rock, Blues, Pop, Acoustic Styles
Have previous band experience, original tracks, plus available for vocals.

Ron Weber
9’s a Pair
The band “9’s A Pair” was formed from the firefighters of Denver Fire Station 9 located in Denver, Colorado. We are a hard driving Classic Rock and Blues band. The group was named from dispatchers saying, “9’s A Pair” respond to a house fire at 123 Main St. 9’s A Pair has rocked the house at many venues including Herman’s Hideaway, The Walnut Room, G.I. Jodi’s, The Toad Tavern, Eck’s Saloon, Dazzle, and the Finish Line to name a few.
We’ve also entertained at outdoor Festivals such as Boyd Lake Summer Concert Series, The Arvada Center Kool Cars Hot Times Car Show, Wheatridge Carnation Festival, and Castle Rock Movie Nights.
Band members: Rick Montrose-Vocals, Paul Kaaren-Drums, Reef Abbott-Bass, and Dan Oliver-Guitar

Nina Grayson
R & B, Jazz
Nina has been singing for over 20 years,and has performed with local bands as a background singer and lead singer.

Carina Norlund
pop, Top40, Electronica, kids music
Singer/songwriter/ classical guitarist orginially from Sweden…Mostly writes pop, Top40, Elctronica, some jazz and kids music.

William Engle
William Engle – Lead Singer/Guitars/Keyboards; Duffy Lasker – Percussionist/Guitars
NQ3 (Not Quite 3) is an original progressive rock recording band that started out in 2003 in Longmont Colorado.

Marc Olson
Odin’s Other Eye
Odin’s eye is the sun. His other eye, of course, is the moon, and a full moon is an auspicious occasion – gather round ye lunatic fringe…
Band Members:Paul Skramstad, Greg Chmel & Mark Norberg

Of David is a force to be reckoned with. Our members Tony Delk (Lead Singer), Rex Salter (Lead Guitarist) and Greg Wuerstl (Drummer) far surpass the title of gifted. Currently they are unsigned but are moving forward to releasing their first LP Project through Devonshire Records, LLC in Boulder by December 2012. You may ask what Genre of music they are, but truthfully there is no Genre that best describes their sound. Are they loud? Yes! All they safe for all generations? Yes! Do they carry a good message? Absolutely! I am thankful for the integrity and the heart of this group and I will see them through to success.

Patrick O’Neal
Been rocking out since I was 18. Play mainly electric guitar with a dash of guitar synth and acoustic thrown in for good measure. Currently seeking new bands/opportunities. Have idea for greatest rock cover band of all time. Would love to songwrite with folks (this is reading like a personal ad…not big into moonlit walks on the beach. )

Paul Ordonez
PolyGram Group Distribution, Universal Music & Video Distribution Artist Development Rep.

Denver resident and erstwhile public defender in Brooklyn, N.Y., songwriter Andy Palmer performs solo and leads the band, Grub Street Writer. Three years of living and working in the trenches of Brooklyn’s underbelly provide fodder for his raw lyrical and musical style, which might be qualified as folk rock with an alternative edge. His vocal quality has been compared to Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Tom Waits and others, but has always been very much his own making, emerging from long periods of solitude and silence.

Nic Hammerberg
Petals of Spain
Band Members: Mason Shelmire ; Dylan Johnson  ; Hunter Hall
A blend of musical influences pulled from almost every genre imaginable, Petals of Spain will leave you humming their tunes as you leave the venue. The real centerpiece of this group is the thoroughly original composition and arrangements, pushing the pop idiom to entirely new plateaus.

Stacy Price
Stacy Price, is a singer-songwriter who writes quirky, folk-pop, guitar driven, upbeat music with emotionally honest lyrics.

Christian Blochinger
Formed in 2003, the “Celtic Pirates” of Colorado have been delivering their high energy celtic-pirate folk-punk rock across the country.

Dave Quist
I am a songwriter and performance artist from Denver recently transplanted to Raleigh, NC (missing home). I have played in many bands and acts local to Denver over the last 15 years or so and have recorded extensively.

Christof Brownell
Christof plays keyboards, drum set and vocals simultaneously 100% live without the use of loop machines or sequencers. True Band with One Man plays funky reggae, jazzy blues, and classic summer of love era jams. Pianodrummer has the skills to perform for any event, venue, party or as an opening act for major headliners. Christof has opened for Taj Mahal, Skatelites, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Thomas Matfuto, Los Lonely Boys, George Porter/Russell Batiste of the Meters to name a few. He currently gigs throughout Colorado and Northern New Mexico.

Jessica Pierce
Jay Pierce
Electric Pop/Other
Jay Pierce is a solo musician in Colorado Springs, who is VERY new to the scene, and has so far, only created/creating demos. 14 years experience in vocals, Jay Pierce began writing her own music after graduating high school. Then began producing her own demos in Colorado Springs by herself. Mind they are not PERFECT quality, but Jay is hoping someone will give her a chance, and help her burst through the music scene, as it has always been her dream to sing.

Matthew “Pops” Pittaway
Gospel, Classical, Pop, Rock, Folk
Playing music and singing for over 40 years. Violin, Piano, Guitar and voice 1st, 2nd tenor or baritone composer and songwriter – over 100 copyrights – Nashville producer 1999-2005 Indie films and videos, EPK’s.

Chris Rathbun
I have played acoustic and electric guitar and bass in a band setting, while writing and performing my own music solo.

Megan Redmond
Country Music

Randy Reeman
Randy Reeman is a seasoned pianist/vocalist music artist – an effective and unique performer seeking paid gigs that would resonate with his high level of talent…

Gary Holley
Reign Project
Unsettled, different, all over the page in style. Not interested in more of the same, melodic, heartfelt, truthful. That is Reign Project.

Marnie Ward
Reveille 3
Reveille 3 is Denver’s own and Colorado’s best Andrews Sisters Tribute Act! Shows reflect the 1940’s through the music made popular by the Andrews Sisters and other acts. Step back in time to an era of war bonds, rations and scrap drives with swing music and GI’s! This hot trio has been bringing their cool nostalgia to packed performances across Colorado since 2009. Passionately inspired by the Swing Era, Denver based Reveille 3 pays tribute to the music of the Andrews Sisters. Reveille 3’s two original shows “Letters from Home” and “Home Front Holiday Radio Show,” reflect back to a generation of honor, glory, courage, sacrifice and pride for the American people. With precision harmonies and big band rhythms, Reveille 3 is at their very best singing the songs we all cherish from the past. Please join Reveille 3 on this sentimental journey!

Steve Mignano
Reverend Hooch
(419) 376-4890
Roots Rock/Blues
The last couple years have seen Denver-based blues rockers Reverend Hooch scratching out a solid reputation up and down the front range of Colorado by virtue of the band’s excellent command of the time-worn blues classics. Fronted by 27 year old Steve Mignano and backed up by rhythm section veterans David Brenowitz (drums) and Roc Eubanks (bass), Reverend Hooch injects much needed new blood and young fans into a musical scene that oftentimes has more in common with graying baby boomers than today’s 20 and 30 somethings.

Adam Walker Rey
Adam Rey is an accomplished and stylistically diverse guitarist that has been performing and touring for 35 years in the western US and since 1991 here in the Colorado Rocky Mountain Region. Celebrating the February 2011 release of his first solo CD of all original compositions “Meat & Potatoes“, it is an eclectic combination of guitar driven instrumental Rock/Jazz/Fusion/Blues stylings with maybe a little “Country“ thrown in the mix. It features some of Colorado’s best local musicians lending their talent to the project and the live band.

Gina Rose
(719) 250-3850
The Big Fish Voice Company
(888) 424-4347
Gina Rose is a Colorado-based vocalist with many years of valuable studio experience. She’s recorded an Indie/Progressive Country cd entitled,”Save My Place,” and is lead female vocalist for Fireweed Bluegrass Band. She’s not just country, Gina’s ability to fit into a broad range of genres has brought her much success in the jingle industry and as a voice-over artist she can be heard on numerous television and radio commercials across the country. Gina Rose is available as a demo vocalist as well as back up vocals.

Sarah Samantha Rose
Sarah Samantha Rose is an accomplished performer and is known quite well in her hometown. Sarah has been singing in church since she was quite young. She is a graduate of the Douglas County Children’s Chorale and has performed at Lannie’s Clocktower as a regular along with the Pinnacle Theater, Denver Downtown Aquarium, City Park Festival of the Arts and Herman’s Hideaway. With a heart to give back, she also participates in many musical fundraising events giving over 100 hours a year to causes like The Red Cross, Relay For Life, Foster Grandparents and the Adoption Alliance.

Dave Rumfelt
I mostly play guitar and I have a degree in Audio Engineering.

Johnny Ryan
Johnny Ryan is a professional Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artists and Session Musician originally from Denver, CO.

Allen Maddox
Scarlet Canary
Band Members: Tyler Parkins (bass); Joshua Pusher (guitar); Hannah Haze (vocals); Ryan Sutton (drums)
We have been together for almost a year now and played a lot of venues in that short time. Our music is defined as hard rock; we use rock/metal inspired guitar riffs to back clean lead female vocals. We love to play shows and love to meet new fans.

Andrew Schechterman, Ph.D.
Drummer Extraordinaire

Casi Kafka
The Shakes
Pop/Rock Covers

Greg Sherman

Gabriel Kitzman
Shoot To Please
Alternative Pop
Shoot to Please. Like shoot to kill, but not really related… and quite the opposite in regards to intent. We hail from Denver, Colorado, or at least use it as a central location to meet and practice. We rehearse in “Gramma’s Garage.” We call it that because it is a garage that belongs to Gabe’s Grandmother… We also specialize in creative naming…  We call ourselves Alternative Pop, but play many different genre’s of rock. Gabe is a music major at UC Denver and has a strong jazz influence, which tends to be problematic when striving for simplicity… The Spill Canvas, Rise Against, Paramore, Envy on the Coast, Emery, and Brand New are some of the bands we have been compared to.

Eugene Simon


Venessa Stonebraker
Skin Your Teeth
Reggae, Rock, Dub, Ska
A fiery breath of Reggae & Dub Mix, carried out by brilliant bass and savvy drums with a canny prevailing lead guitarist. Skin your Teeth is playing the kind of fusion that the most cannot resist! They have a Sublime-type feel and a modern style like Slightly ‘Stoopid’ these boys are pursuant for a full house, and one hell-of-a-party! Wyatt Trigg, formally of Slaughter House Rootz, Jeremy (Remy) Mark, an exceptional bass player with an amazing knack to draw a crowd, and Chris (Ape) Hicks, formally of John Wayne and the Pain. This young band is sure to get you up and moving!

Cody Culver
Progressive Rock

Harley Chapman
Just Doing What I Love

Brooke Steele
My name is Brooke Steele I am 14 years old, I have been competing in local singing competitions since I was 6 years old. I have sang the National Anthem for many different sporting events including the Denver Nuggets. I have also participating in the Stars of Tomorrow for the past 3 years, the Douglas County Fair and Rodeo for the past 2 years. Singing is my passion, I also love song writing, and am currently taking dance lessons and learning the guitar in order to further my career in the music industry.

Pero Teodosijev
European Folk Music
I was born in Macedonia and since the age of 15 years I have performed worldwide with Esma Redzepova & Ansambl Teodosievski (accordion and keyboards). Our band was active in the former Yugoslavia and performed the Folk and Gypsy music of Macedonia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia. I now compose and perform in the United States.

Terry DeBell
3 Star Monday
If you start with the heart and soul of Tom Petty and mix in the Cars dynamics and the drive of the Police brew up some Kings of Leon and Weezer stir in some Americana reminiscent of the Refreshments / Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers with a dash of the Foo Fighters you’d get 3 Star Monday’s sound. Very rock, very pop and danceable, driving and enjoyable, and always entertaining.

Owen Trujillo
Hip Hop Band Bilingual hip hop has long been a desolate genre, yet 2MX2s powerful force has ignited a new kind of pride amongst the double tongued population. Detonating stages with a formidable live show, crowds around the US have been tasting what Role Pley and Juice E.T. Hugo mean when they say “Por aqui, por alla”.

Carol Wedgwood
Mountain Breeze Music
Mountain Breeze is a duo that blends acoustic music and native american flutes with a variety of songs from different musical genres.

Rudy Weimer
The Stellar Atlas
The Stellar Atlas is a progressive pop rock band from South Boulder. They are influenced by such bands as Kings of Leon, Rose Hill Drive, The Mars Volta, TV on the Radio, The Fall of Troy and Bloc Party. They’ve played such places as the Fox Theater, The Climax Lounge, Club 156, Nissi’s, and The Marquis Theater.

Richard Schwering
The Stripe Stripe Fiasco
Strong melodies and psychedelic guitar solos invoke memories of bands like The Pixies and MUSE giving our audiences music which is truly unique to the Denver scene.
Band Members: Rachel King; Bobby Barbeau; Joel Monroe

Andi Bartmann
Sun Bath
Folk Rock
Band members: Liam Kelly; Andi Bartmann; Logan Sj

Duane Sutfin

Brian Mora
The Tankerays
We are an original Rock N Roll band from the high mountain desert of Grand Junction, Colorado.

Terri Jo Jenkins
Acoustic folk/blues/jazz
Singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, Terri Jo recently relocated to Denver, CO where she performs in multiple genres. Her songwriting awards include inclusion on an NPR sponsored project narrated by Judi Collins, featured performer several nationally broadcast radio programs & folk festivals. Most recently, Terri Jo was invited to perform in Villard de Lans France and the surrounding area.
TJ has recorded 3 solo CDs to date plus 1 country record and 3 jazz recordings.

Tom Casey
Band Members: Tommy Casey, Mickey Postilion, Thomas Miller, John Anderson, and Joey Glassman
We are a 5 person band and we started in Littleton, CO when one of our guitarists, Tommy, moved from Chicago to Boulder for school.

Ian Micciulli
Verbal Terrorist
Hardcore Rap /Hip-Hop /Metal

Ron Lucas
Vivid Fiction
Vivid Fiction is a three piece progressive rock band with influences from the Foo Fighters, Rush, Dave Matthews, Goo Goo Dolls, Nickelback, and Lifehouse.

Pete Wernick

Pete Wernick, a native New Yorker, embraced bluegrass music in his teen years, and after earning a PhD in sociology from Columbia University and working as a Research Associate at Cornell, left academia for bluegrass music in 1974.

Michael Worthington
Writer, Musician, and of course, Paramedic.

Retta Yarbrough
Acoustic Blues/Folk/Rock

Retta Yarbrough is a New Orleans born, Colorado based Singer-Songwriter. Her heavy blues influences weave in & out of her unique acoustic folk/rock style, and her strong vocals, rhythms & harmonies make her a favorite of many music lovers. She has been a part of the music scene in Colorado for years, playing all over the front range, as well as in many mountain towns. She released her first CD, called One Mile Down, in 2005, which was a collaboration with drummer/vocalist Henry Lokay. In May of 2011 she started recording her long overdue 2nd CD-a solo project-& expects to release that in October of this year.

Mike Lamitola
Yellow Gleason
Musician, singer/songwriter. Relocated from Connecticut and currently living in Erie,CO. My love for music goes deeper than I can put into words!

Kevin Zugschwert

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