COMBO Members

Bonnie Botham
Licksun Lyrics Music LLC
Grassroots music publishing; encouraging and growing songwriters of all genres.

Lyric House
1045 Lincoln St. Suite 305, Denver, Colorado 80203
(303) 351-5505
Lyric House Publishing is a full service independent publisher that takes pride in its administered copyrights.
We work with songwriters and bands to place their music with record labels, music supervisors, and other music mediums.
Owned and operated by songwriters, the Lyric House team has both degrees in the music business and hands on experience working within the music industry.


Randi Perkins
(615) 333-9779
Mainstream Country and Pop

Robert A. Case
Case Entertainment Group, Inc.
102 East Pikes Peak Ste. 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Michael St. James

Old Pants Publishing, Inc. (BMI)

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