The walls and sidewalks outside Elvis Presley’s Graceland were vandalized over the weekend.

Hey – good morning. Here is some input to consider on the way the article was slanted and you leading with it in the newsletter: Pretty sure the King is up in Heaven with BB cheering BLM on — since [Elvis] owes his act to Black performers that came before him. Black Lives Matter more than the walls around an estate, and the message needs to be heard. It needs to be heard badly – people are dying – horrible violent deaths.

Spread the message of equality, instead. Can you share how musicians are making a stand in support of justice for all? How communities are changing their local police force, for the better?

Black Lives Matter. The “vandalism” isn’t going to stop until the system puts the same value on a black life as it does on dead white celebrities. Voting and peaceful protests are not working. It’s time to DEMAND change. Black Lives Matter.

Thank you,

Camille Brightsmith

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Original article: “Eat The Rich”: Elvis Presley’s Beloved Graceland Vandalized

By James Crowley, Newsweek | Tuesday, Graceland, the estate turned memorial for musical pioneer Elvis Presley, was found to be vandalized with spray paint.

According to local outlet Commercial Appeal, the wall and sidewalk surrounding the Memphis landmark and tourist attraction were found to have graffiti sprayed all around them on Tuesday morning. Protest slogans like “Defund the Police”, “Abolish ICE”, “Black Lives Matter” and more were found in black and orange letters around the property.

Similar graffiti was found on historic concert venue The Levitt Shell.

People wrote “Eat the Rich” as well as phrases like “F**k Trump” and “Defund MPD [Memphis Police Department.]”

Read the full article here, along with more photos of the vandalism:

[Thank you to Alex Teitz, http://www.femmusic.com, for contributing this article.]


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