COMBO Board member Sheena Morgan suggested a more appropriate name for this section of COMBO’s Newsletter! We loved the idea and we’ll go with it… Thank you so much, Sheena!
We’d also like to thank Board Member Alex Teitz for volunteering to take over the Secretary’s job. We’ll try to take it easy on him!
Tuesday, December 8th was “Colorado Gives Day”. We want to thank our COMBO members for pitching in and helping us out! Your contributions are so genuinely appreciated!
● Warning Signs of Suicide 1-800-273-TALK
Anxious? How About Some Anti-Anxiety, Meditation Music with Isochronic Tones
International Music Speaker Ashesh Dangol Releases Blues Video
Denver’s Office of Special Events Sends Update re Event Planning for 2021
● Bowman’s Vinyl & Lounge Has Shut Its Doors
● COVID In Colorado: Musicians Band Together To Support Each Other
● Spotify Artists’ Pages Hacked / Belgium’s Music Festivals Offer Help with COVID Vaccinations
● The CEO of Guitar Icon Fender Says the Company Was Looking Into an Abyss When the Coronavirus Hit — but now the company expects record 2020 sales
● COMBO member Dallet Band Debuts New Album Electric Judas
● Fun Facts About Heart
● Chris Mercer Sends Update on His Health
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