KISS drummer and vocalist Peter Criss

On the Tuesday night episode of NBC’s America’s Got Talent, the beloved rock band announced their final tour— End of the Road.

The big reveal came after a stellar performance of “Detroit Rock City,” one of the group’s most popular songs, which has been used in over a dozen films and is considered a classic.

While the tour dates have not yet been revealed, KISS has promised it will be a tour to remember.

“All that we have built and all that we have conquered over the past four decades could never have happened without the millions of people worldwide who’ve filled clubs, arenas and stadiums over those years,” KISS said.

“This will be the ultimate celebration for those who’ve seen us and a last chance for those who haven’t.”

“KISS Army, we’re saying good on our final tour with our biggest show yet and we’ll go out the same way we came in… Unapologetic and Unstoppable,” KISS added.

The makeup-clad band, which is currently comprised of Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer was formed in New York City in 1973.

Past band members include Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, Eric Carr, Vinnie Vincent, Mark St. John and Bruce Kulick.

In total, KISS has released 20 studio albums, 8 live albums, and 13 compilation albums plus over 60 singles.

The band has been noted as America’s #1 Gold Record Award-winning group of all time, according to the band’s website. KISS was also inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.

In addition to their many accolades, KISS has performed at the Super Bowl, Winter Olympics, and appeared on episodes of Family Guy and American Idol.

In February, Stanley, 66, spoke about the band’s future during an interview with Billboard.

“The thought of me not being involved certainly comes to mind,” Stanley told the magazine. “I’m not sure about the idea of KISS coming to an end. We’ve built something that’s so iconic, and I think it transcends any of the members so I can certainly see me not being there, seriously.”

“I don’t want to go leave home,” Stanley explained to Billboard. “I have a family and I have children and, honestly, I think my primary responsibility is to be a dad, and I don’t want to miss out on that. And certainly, as we got older, we know that life is finite and I pick and choose what I want to do at this point.”

By Robyn Merrett


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