Levitt Pavilion Denver at Ruby Hill Park. Courtesy of Levitt Pavilion Denver.

By Kyle Harris, Westword | Levitt Pavilion, the nonprofit amphitheater in Ruby Hill Park that had been bringing fifty free concerts to Denver in a usual year, had hoped to start hosting live entertainment in mid-August in this very unusual year. But because reopening safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic proved too challenging, those hopes are now dashed.

“After exhausting all avenues and possibilities for opening this summer, it has become clear that it is best for the health of our nonprofit organization and the community at large that we refrain from a 2020 concert season and focus our energy on building an incredible comeback in 2021,” the venue explains in a statement announcing the decision.

The pandemic started pummeling Levitt’s schedule in the spring.

“We had our entire season booked,” Levitt executive director Chris Zacher told Westword earlier this year. “We hadn’t released it all yet. But the entire season was booked. There are so many components that go into making that season happen. You have to go back and analyze that and look at the financial ability of doing that. It’s not just ‘Can we do shows?,’ but ‘Can we break even if we do?'”
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