Levitt Pavilion in July 2017

Jon Solomon, Westword | On Monday, some counties including Denver that had been at Level Red on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s COVID-19 dial dashboard were moved to Level Orange; once again, most indoor music venues can host shows indoors at 25 percent capacity or fifty-person capacity, whichever is less.

Outdoor events under Level Orange can have 25 percent capacity or up to 75 people within the usable space (not including staff); the number is calculated using the state’s Distancing Space Calculator. For seated outdoor events, 25 percent capacity or up to 75 people with six-feet distancing between non-household contacts are allowed.

“It doesn’t do much,” notes Chris Zacher, Levitt Pavilion Denver head and co-captain of the Colorado chapter of the National Independent Venue Association. “On the indoor side of things, we need to be in Blue or Green for it to make a difference. The orange-level cap is fifty and the yellow level cap is a hundred; however, there is still a square-footage calculator involved that will keep most of the smaller clubs from reaching the high end of these caps limits. I don’t expect substantial movement that will allow reopening that will help us until June at the earliest.”
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