Three opera singers

Three Divas – Ailyn Perez, Isabel Leonard, and Nadine Sierra – now available on demand thru June 4th (Photo from the Met’s website)

By Ronald Blum, AP News | The Metropolitan Opera would be able to cut the fees of its highest-paid individual singers by 12.7% under a pending four-year contract with the American Guild of Musical Artists.

Details were not announced May 11 when the deal was agreed to, but slides of the solo artist pay terms created by AGMA were posted on Facebook by soprano Lisette Oropesa and reposted by mezzo-soprano Isabel Leonard, and the union released more complete terms to The Associated Press on Wednesday.

The deal allows contracts of fees under $6,000 per performance to be cut 6%, with reductions increasing to 8% for $6,000 to $9,999, 9% for $10,000 to $11,999, 9.5% from $12,000 to $13,999 and the top reduction for above $13,999. The reductions would end on July 31, 2024.

The contract calls for a 3.7% cut for all groups except per-performance soloists — which covers the Met chorus — of which 2.7% is temporary and will be restored on July 31, 2024. The remaining 1% would be used to pay for AGMA economic items.

“In order for the Met to reopen in September, it is important for AGMA members to ratify this agreement,” the Met said in a statement.
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