The future recording studio, practice space, and classroom in Haiti.

Greg Cronin on Fb, 8/04/17: I can technically call myself an “award-winning musician”, as I was honored this week with a “Pay the Band” Award from the Colorado Music Association. The award has much more to do with my work with music in Haiti than my ability to play bass. So much gratitude to the people who made this possible, too numerous to acknowledge individually.

Of course I thank the cute girl in the photo, and her brother, for enduring late-night band practices in our basement, Joshua Randy Abeyta for pushing me to purse a life-long dream of being in a band, bandmates in Mute Man’s Microphone (Ben Joseph Jordan, Jonah Heideman, DianaRose Rachel Frances, Dustin Moran), Kalyn Heffernan (Yon Sel Lanmou Director of Audio Production), Najee Dread (YSL Director of Arts), 303 Choir, Travis Branam, Joshua Trinidad, Gregg R Ziemba, Joe Ferrone, Chad Saxton, Christopher Bennett, Wheelchair Sport Camp, Carla and Ron Bluntschli, Leah Bluntschli, Theo Wilson, and many Haitian artists that I have had the privilege to work with, including Augustin Mona, the Kob Nwa Rap Kreyol crew, Welele Noubout, Maquel Jean Baptiste, Dimitri Napoleon (VP of YSL), Shaba Lilman Godson, Chilbert Delice, Parabol Atis Syek La, Jean Baptiste Ricardo, Joewolf Nerath, Prince Pon, Sandro Jay Victor, 2 Rasin, Jimmy Rock, and many not on Facebook.

Royalty Free Haiti laid the groundwork for what led to the studio/school that I am building at Vilaj Mozayik. Many faculty at CU Denver CAM (Storm Gloor, Lorne Bregitzer, Pete Buchwald, Gregory Walker, Judith Coe, David J. Bondelevitch, and many who are not FB friends), where I am studying MEIS, gave me the knowledge and support to succeed in recording Haitian musicians. Music has always been a large part of my life. Using arts in my Haiti work to share cultures, inspire others, and educate youth will build a brighter future.

Thank you Barb Dye and the Colorado Music Association for the recognition.

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