Of Montreal – Cover of Marquee Magazine’s March 2020 issue

Dear Friends and Family of The Marquee: Like all of our musician friends, promoters, managers, sound and light crews, security guards, bartenders and others who make live shows happen, all of our upcoming gigs have been cancelled. We can’t run stories on shows that aren’t happening, put together a calendar for venues that have no acts, or promote festivals that either have, or are likely, to be cancelled.

With that, our April 2020 issue — our annual 4/20 issue — will very unfortunately not be taken to press. We have yet to make that decision about our May Summer Festival Guide, but if things proceed as they have been, that issue is likely to be skipped as well. For 17 years, we’ve compared the process and foundation of The Marquee over and over again to that of a musician/band, and never before has that analogy been so accurate. Like so many in our live music community, we’ll be working as hard as we can, to do all that we can, to continue to help and support each other in these times of social distancing and lost revenue. We’ll keep you posted on our updated press schedule as it evolves. Until then, stay safe everyone, but most of all be kind, and very soon we hope, we’ll again see you at the shows.

“Our bodies are stoplights/Our minds are the streets.
We scratch and we scrape/We’re scared then we’re brave” – The Hold Steady


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