Sheena Morgan: I did a thing!! I successfully survived Barb Dye’s hazing and am now an official board member at Colorado Music Business Organization. David [Barber] and I are working on marketing planning for 2020, where we will have new benefits to offer our members. I’ll be at the next COMBO meeting and welcome you to join in on the fun. See you there!

Next up for COMBO: High Scorers of the 2019 COMBO Songwriting Contest at the Walnut Room, Friday, November 15th – 7:40 p.m.

The COMBO Board sincerely wants to welcome Sheena to the fold! She joins Barb Dye, President, Annette Cannon, Vice-president, David Barber, webmaster and treasurer, Tracey Chirhart, Lori & Roger Drienka, Clark Hagan, Johnnie Johnson, Mark King, Jamie Krutz, and Angela Whaley in their endeavors to assist musicians everywhere (not just in Colorado) with the intricacies of the business of music. Music is OUR business and Networking is our Mission!

Welcome, Sheena!

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