COMBO next meeting is set for Sunday, January 25th at the Breckenridge Brewery. Everyone is welcome. The meeting is free and open to the public. We will be continuing our introductions to local television and radio shows that your band might want to be on! Guest panelists will be Marty Jones and Gabe Dohrn from “Now Playing”, and the renowned Alf from KTCL Radio!

When: Sunday, January 25th
Where: Breckenridge Brewery, 2222 Blake Street, Denver
Time: 7:00 until 9:00 p.m.
Cost: FREE!
All ages – The venue is a restaurant and people of all ages are welcome!

This meeting will focus on the television series “Now Showing”, and on KTCL’s locals music show.

* * * * *

Nominations Now Being Accepted for COMBO’s “Raddies”

COMBO will be honoring Colorado Musicians for their songwriting and music at our Grammy Watching Party on Sunday, February 8th at the Sie Film Center. We’re calling them the “Raddies” in reference to Colo-RAD-o and to the old ‘70s term, “That’s RAD, man!”

Send your nomination (shameless self-promotion is waaaaaaaayyyy acceptable!) to our editor at info@coloradomusic.org

So send us your favorite song or album [titles, please] from your favorite band. We’d prefer that these songs/albums be recorded during the year 2014. Also please let us know what category the song or album should be nominated in, i.e., country, rock, pop, jazz, blues, etc.

Nominations will end Sunday, February 1st, 2015. Last year we had some terrific winners!

COMBO will be holding its Third Annual Grammy Watching Party on Sunday, February 8th  at the SIE Film Center, 2510 East Colfax (just east of York Street – next door to the Tattered Cover Bookstore and Twist & Shout Records). NARAS (The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) is on board and will be sending personalized gifts for us to give out again. Also helping out is AirShow Mastering, local NARAS members. We’ll be taking photos of everyone again for posting on COMBO’s website. Please feel free to “come as you are” or to dress up! Great time to wear that finery you never get to wear.

The Film Center has a fine array of wines and craft beers for sale that can be taken into the theater but under 21s can still attend! Family event! And COMBO will be providing hors d’euvres for attendees as well.

We invite ALL people interested in songwriting and/or the Grammy Awards. We’ll be sending out notices to our sister groups like the Colorado Blues Society, the Mile High Blues Society, The Gift of Jazz, the NSAI groups, The Denver Musicians Association, the Northern Colorado Blues Society, and any other music groups we can find. Please feel free to pass this info along. The more the merrier!!

* * * * *

COMBO’s YouTube Channel Features Videos From Our Meetings

Many of you are not able to make our meetings for many reasons including living out of town, band practices, family obligations, and more. So our webmaster David Barber has been filming the panels and has been posting them to YouTube. Topics include “Lawyers, Clubs and Money”, and performances by the New Darlins and Geoff Union, winners of our 2014 songwriting contest.


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