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COMBO will be honoring Colorado Musicians for their songwriting and music at our Grammy Watching Party on Sunday, February 8th at the Sie Film Center. We’re calling them the “Raddies” in reference to Colo-RAD-o and to the old ‘70s term, “That’s RAD, man!”

Send your nomination (shameless self-promotion is waaaaaaaayyyy acceptable!) to our editor at info@coloradomusic.org

So send us your favorite song or album [titles, please] from your favorite band. We’d prefer that these songs/albums be recorded during the year 2014. Also please let us know what category the song or album should be nominated in, i.e., country, rock, pop, jazz, blues, etc.

Nominations will end Friday, February 6th, 2015. Last year we had some terrific winners

Send your nominations to info@coloradomusic.org

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Passing this information along does not constitute an endorsement of their views but we know that some of you might want to enter a song. We also add a Buyer Beware as no compensation or other recompense is offered.

Do you write “Protest Songs” about topical matters?

The Hartford Connecticut 9/11 Truth group is seeking music that deals with themes of  Peace, Justice, Human Rights, and governmental and media transparency. Our focus is on demanding a legitimate criminal investigation into the events of 9/11 and questioning those events being used as the justification for the perpetual “war on terror”.  However, we also welcome hearing other related themes that question the “Official Story” on events that impact our society.  We are interested in both music videos and audio-only recordings.

Some uses for these songs include cable access television compilations,  independent radio broadcasts and podcasts, inclusion in documentary and film productions and music during live events. We will use this music for non-commercial, educational use. All rights remain with the artists.

If this kind of music activism interests you, please check out the article on our website entitled  “Music Matters…It’s the Truth” and our first “Trusic” cable access compilation music video.  The article contains contact and submission information:


Carl Seeger Henry
Vice President /Director 9/11 Truth Outreach Inc.
President, Carl Henry Music   ASCAP
Co-Founder and Lifetime Member, Connecticut Songwriters Association

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