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Photo: Olivia Rodrigo – from her website | By Ben Beaumont-Thomas, The Guardian | Olivia Rodrigo has been accused by Courtney Love and others of plagiarism in her artwork and a music video. Artwork for Sour Prom, which has similarities to Hole album Live Through This, criticized as ‘rude’ and ‘bad form’ by Love

Love highlighted similarities between the album cover to Live Through This by her band Hole, photographed by Ellen von Unwerth, and the image used to promote Sour Prom, an Olivia Rodrigo concert film airing on 29 June. Each image features a prom queen in a tiara holding flowers, wearing smeared mascara. Love posted the Sour Prom artwork to Instagram with the caption “Spot the Difference! #twinning”, and later wrote on Facebook: “Stealing an original idea and not asking permission is rude. There’s no way to be elegant about it. I’m not angry. It happens all the time to me. But this was bad form.”

Rodrigo wrote as a comment to the original post: “love u and live through this sooooo much”.
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Rodrigo has not responded to the latter comments. The Guardian has requested comment.
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