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Dusty Hill ZZ Top

Photo: Dusty Hill, ZZ Top (from their website ZZTop.com) Again, the number of deaths from COVID is astounding. Please get vaccinated. Truly may save your life. We do want to note the deaths of Americans Dusty Hill (ZZ Top), Mike Howe (Metal Church), and Joey Jordison (Slipknot). If you want to know more about any of the musicians we lost this past week, please check out http://www.wikipedia.com

July 2021

28: Giuseppe Giacomini, 80, Italian operatic tenor; Dusty Hill, 72, American Hall of Fame musician (ZZ Top) and songwriter (“Tush”); Shahram Kashani, 47, Iranian pop singer, COVID-19; Johnny Ventura, 81, Dominican musician, mayor of Santo Domingo (1998–2002), heart attack.

27: Gianni Nazzaro, 72, Italian singer and actor (Ma che musica maestro, Scandalo in famiglia, Impotenti esistenziali), lung cancer; Willie Winfield, 91, American singer (The Harptones), heart attack.

26: Lidia Bejenaru, 68, Moldovan musician; Mike Howe, 55, American heavy metal singer (Metal Church, Heretic); Joey Jordison, 46, American musician (Slipknot, Murderdolls, Sinsaenum).

25: John Hutchinson, British guitarist (David Bowie); Count M’Butu, American percussionist (The Derek Trucks Band); Claudio Valdés, 29, Chilean singer, traffic collision.

24: Kenzie MacNeil, 68, Canadian songwriter, performer, producer and television, film, radio and stage director; Samad Samadov, 74, Azerbaijani singer, COVID-19.

23: Fakir Alamgir, 71, Bangladeshi folk singer, COVID-19; Ho-Kau Chan, 89, Hong Kong Cantonese opera singer and actress, cancer; Wally Gonzales, 71, Filipino blues guitarist (Juan de la Cruz Band).

22: Palo Pandolfo, 56, Argentine singer-songwriter and musician (Don Cornelio y la Zona); Pavel Pelc, 71, Czech bass guitarist and vocalist (Progres 2); Peter Rehberg, 53, Austrian-British electronic musician (KTL), heart attack.

21: Tõnu Aare, 67, Estonian musician, composer and songwriter (Apelsin); Lieb Bester, 72, South African musician and actor (The Making of the Mahatma, Stander, Winnie Mandela), COVID-19; Rita Brantalou, 73, French actor and musician (Au Bonheur des Dames); Clarence McDonald, 76, American pianist, composer and producer, cancer.



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