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Dennis Thomas of Kool and the Gang


Photo: Dennis Thomas of Kool & the Gang || Again, the number of deaths from COVID is astounding. Please get vaccinated. Truly may save your life. If you want to know more about any of the musicians we lost this past week, please check out http://www.wikipedia.com

August 2021

11: Gianluigi Gelmetti, 75, Italian-Monégasque conductor and composer, director of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma (2000–2009).

10: Stephen Wilkinson, 102, English choral conductor and composer.

9: Killer Kau, 22–23, South African rapper, dancer and record producer, traffic collision; Siti Sarah, 36, Malaysian singer and actress, COVID-19; Chucky Thompson, 53, American record producer (Bad Boy Records).

8: Pierre Sprey, 84, French-born American defense analyst (Fighter Mafia) and record producer, founder of Mapleshade Records; Walter Yetnikoff, 87, American music industry executive (CBS Records International), cancer.

7: Dennis Thomas, 70, American saxophonist (Kool & the Gang).

6: Wang Wenjuan, 94, Chinese Yue opera performer.

5: Brian Henderson, 89, Australian television presenter (Nine News Sydney, Bandstand), kidney cancer.

4: Razzy Bailey, 82, American country musician (“Midnight Hauler”, “She Left Love All Over Me”, “I Keep Coming Back”); Paul Johnson, 50, American DJ (“Get Get Down”) and record producer, COVID-19; Anders Pettersson, 69, Swedish musician (Lasse Stefanz).

3: Jo Jo Bennett, 81, Canadian reggae musician (Sattalites); Allan Blazek, 71, American record producer, mixer and audio engineer; Kelli Hand, 56, American musician and DJ; Allan Stephenson, 71, British-born South African composer, cellist, and conductor; José Ramos Tinhorão, 93, Brazilian music critic and journalist, pneumonia; Lyutsiya Tulesheva, 80, Kazakhstani singer and pianist.


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