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Photo: Jesse Aratow (from his Facebook page) | “Yesterday I painfully said goodbye to Jesse Aratow, my business partner of 23 years,” announced Madison House Co-Founder, Nadia Prescher. “Anyone who knew Jesse knew the spirit he brought to any personal or professional event. He was always maintaining his values while working in this unique industry, which is not an easy feat. His overwhelming commitment to his family, best friends and righteousness was respected and admired by many.

My heart goes out to his wife, Liza and their two brave children, Kalea and Lily, as well as his mother Susanna, sister Gabriella and extended family and best friends. The outpouring of messages and kindness from our industry has been endless. I’m glad his work colleagues and clients are all leaning on each other in ways I’m sure we never thought we would need to. I know he would want me to tell you to hug your loved ones and not take anything for granted.

There will be a private family service in the coming days, but a large open memorial celebration announced soon for a later date.”

Prescher concluded, “There will never ever be another Jesse Aratow.”

Pictures and other memories can be uploaded

Physical cards for the family may be sent to:
Family of Jesse Aratow
1401 Walnut Street #500
Boulder, CO 80302

Gabriella Aratow: Many people who have contacted me in the last couple days wanted to know what happened to Jesse, so I thought I’d take a few moments and write about Friday morning.

My brother Jesse and his wife Liza were extremely dedicated to their health and fitness. For several years they went to an athletic club nearly every weekday morning and there they had a personal trainer. When Covid hit they converted Liza’s in-house music studio into a dual-purpose room and set up a small gym. Jesse had a standing Zoom meeting with their trainer at 9 am on Fridays.

Friday morning he drove his 7 year old to school and returned to his house where he went into the gym to warm up before his session. But he never clicked into the Zoom. He had a major coronary event. We think it might have been as he was getting off his rowing machine. He happened to be wearing a heart monitor for his work out and it shows that his heart rate simply dropped away. ~
[Read more on Gabriella’s Facebook page:]

Jordan Burger: Dear Captain, I have no words. You were my friend as much and more than you ever were my boss. A special wonderful human and father every bit as hero agent and manager. I found your physical strength inspiring, you lived a healthier lifestyle than most people I know, it just doesn’t make any sense. We lost you on my wedding anniversary, and I’m trying desperately hard today to love and appreciate all I continue to still have and hold dear. Life is so precious, proven again and again, and you will be so missed, and you were loved by oh so very many people. We will forever remember you in the highest regard and will live on the way you showed us best. Rest easy, Jesse Aratow, much love brother.

Amanda Silecchio: I have been having trouble finding the right words to honor the memory of an extraordinary soul lost far too soon.

It is easy to judge your grief against others when you feel like your sadness couldn’t possibly be quantified against the thousands of lives someone touched over decades.

With Jesse, everything and everyone he came in contact with was profoundly altered in the best imaginable way. It was impossible not to love him and feel deeply connected from the second you met him.

Madison House was my dream company. Working for a team of such visionaries was my dream job. I thanked every lucky star that I was afforded the opportunity to do so.

The world fell apart shortly after I started at Madison House in early 2020. The next year and a half was spent fighting alongside Nadia and Jesse for the survival of the independent but mighty empires built by brilliant minds like theirs, and those that surrounded them.

Following Jesse into battle is not a feat you question. Believing him when he speaks a positive future into existence is inevitable, even when it feels like all is lost.

He made endless space for me when I could not hold in my active and continued grief for my father. He awarded me opportunities to create and contribute in all the ways I hoped to before pandemic life swept away everyone’s plans. He made time for my every silly question, and he made a habit of spooking me in my office the second he learned I’m an easy scare. He regaled us with show reviews most mornings, both hilariously bad and in high regard. He brought laughter to situations where it felt impossible to even smile.

He is an inspiration to live life to its absolute fullest.

Do no harm, but take no shit.

This office feels too quiet without you.

(Andy Schneidkraut mentioned the passing of Jesse in his post).

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