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Gig gets handed down to me, there’s a promoter involved, as well as the original band that had canceled out and now starts acting like an agent. All I know about the gig is the date, approximate time, and I am able to find out the amount we are supposed to make. We, 4-piece, play the gig, do really well, the promoter pays us the full amount and asks us back. All good.

Low and behold, the guy-acting-as-an-agent calls me a day later: “The gig was not quoted for a 4-piece, it was quoted for a 6 piece and I want the money for the 2 that were not on the gig.”

Ha, ha, ha, ha! How do you come up with that nonsense?

I won’t go into the lovely phone conversations we had, but I paid the band, cashed my check and I am going shopping downtown tonight. Good day!

Jeff Fournier: Tell him you played a lot of extra notes that weren’t in the original contract, and after subtracting that from the two players who weren’t there, he now owes you another $100, but be nice and tell him he can owe you for next time. And get it in writing.

Kent Dix: See you in Small Claims Court… LMFAO!!!!!!

Erica Brown: As long as the promoter was satisfied and paid you, no matter the number of musicians, you did a good job, and the promoter, who was the actual buyer, was satisfied, no one else matters. The original band gave up their interest in it when they gave up their interest in it!! Had the promoter wanted a six piece, he would have said so, especially since he was the contractor and, we assume, knew the terms of his original contract. If he didn’t care, neither should you. Your “middleman” is being greedy, and wants money for work he didn’t do. He should be happy with the fact that he could recommend a band that would satisfy the booker, thus keeping HIS reputation intact. Honestly, people’s greed never fails to amaze me.

Barb Dye: Seems to me that other businesses charge for “rush” service. So, therefore, this being a “rush” situation, I think you should be entitled to another $100 for filling in at the last minute.

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