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Geno is on the right, Chuck on the left. and Frank Diaz is on the drums. From 2012

From Annette Cannon on Facebook, 10/01/19: My update on Geno (Gene). I visited him and we had a short visit. He is still unable to speak and is unable to move his right side. He was a bit sleepy but did look at me a few times. I told him how much we all love him and want him well! I told him the joke of the day that Carl posted, talked about Davestock, and wrote him a note on his board, too! The nurse told me they are moving him to rehab tomorrow (Kindred), so be sure to check if he is still there before you go to visit.

From Chuck Beaver Cavanaugh on Facebook, 9/27/19: The new update on Geno is that he is awake and his eyes are open. He still cannot talk and his right side is paralyzed. If you want to visit him, Geno is on the 10th floor of Swedish on Old Hampton and Clarkson, 501 East Old Hampton Road, Englewood. Ask for Gene Sirokman’s nurses station at 303-788-5000 for room number. He is recognizing people but remember he can not speak. He has a mitt on his good hand to protect himself from pulling out his tubes. He is improving and he will be transferred to help him to start his rehab. He is now at the beginning of a long, hard road to recovery.

Geno is on the right, I’m on the left. and Frank Diaz is on the drums. From 2012

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