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Kim Copeland: Protecting Your Biggest Asset

As an artist, your most valuable asset is your voice. It is the unique element that sets you apart from other artists. No matter how spectacular you look, or how engaging your stage presence, or how amazing your musical prowess is, it is your voice that your fans recognize and respond to. It is what sells your products, builds your career and supports your lifestyle. Therefore, it is your biggest asset!

One of my protégés is on the road right now singing with Bob Seger. Bob has been active in the music business for over five decades. He is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. He has helped establish the careers of many musicians and other artists and continues to surround himself with only the best talent.

But no matter how good his songs, show, and side musicians, his fans buy tickets to hear his amazing, unique voice. And they would NOT pay the price of admission to hear someone else singing his songs, no matter how talented they were. There is no replacement for Bob Seger’s voice.

There is no replacement for your voice either if you want a successful, lengthy career as an artist. Yet many artists take better care of their guitar than their voice.

I work with a lot of emerging artists on development, music production and performance coaching. One of the most important foundational tools I can give them is an understanding of how to protect their voices to insure their careers.

I have created a free video on my website that explains the importance of a vocal warm up program. On it, I walk you through a step-by-step routine that can be customized for any singer and situation. I will give you an outline of it here, but to better understand it and apply it to your own career, I recommend you watch the video.

WHY should you warm up your voice before you sing? To stretch the muscles associated with singing. Singing, done properly, is a full body exercise. The better your body is prepared for a performance, the better performance you will give. Warming up will give you more strength and stamina and more control.

Warming up before a performance is also a way to test your voice. Each day and each show brings new challenges and opportunities for you as an artist. By knowing what tools you have available to you that day you can decide how to use them to create a great performance.

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By Kim Copeland | http://www.kimcopelandproductions.com

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