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Scooter Barnes – Facebook:

Just watched Woodstock for the ?th time and was still transfixed to the end. Most of the performers were in their 20s and killin’ it. Santana was a mere 22. I also think of how things have changed over the years in terms of music, politics, world view, communication, and general attitudes of people.

I also thought about the clean up as one of the interviewed described the whole affair as a shitty mess. Was it ever! Financially and physically. Yet 600,000 people were able to keep it together for 3 days and withstand some brutal conditions. I’m sure the substances consumed helped but still…

If you have never seen it, it’s pretty good and worth the 3 hours of run time. Pretty interesting “Where are they now” I have to say. From Sly to Grace, to those that have passed and those that have retired and those that continue on. Doesn’t seem like 45 years ago and yet seems so long ago.

Wishing you the very best my friends and with that, good night.

Scooter Barnes – Facebook


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