Kenzi Everitt (photo provided by Kenzi)

By Chloe Dore, 303 Magazine | International Women’s Day is upon us. So — if you haven’t already — take some time today to reach out to the women in your life. And, after you’ve done that, take just a little more time to read about what some of the most badass ladies in our local music scene have to say about their experiences in the industry.

While each of these women contributed guidance initially directed towards those seeking careers in music, their advice rings true for nearly any type of ambition: Create your own opportunities, align yourself with strong leaders, carry yourself with confidence — even if you have to fake it.

These are just a few of the thousands of women making their mark and paving the way in the music scene for generations to come. Some women have faced trauma while others have been lucky to avoid it. Many have fought their way to the top while others have forged their own path. As women, it is important to listen to each other’s stories — despite our varying experiences — to find the common themes that we can rally behind and use to support one another. From singers and songwriters to radio hosts and business owners, these women were gracious enough to share their stories with 303 Magazine.

Leah Concialdi
Stephanie Kroll
Emily Satterlee
Nicole Cacciavillano
Kenzi Everitt
Britt Margit
Lela Roy
Bridget Law
Erin Roberts
Jessi Whitten
Kalyn Heffernan

Read the full story with interviews with the above ladies and fabulous photographs here:

Chloe Dore: Southern girl by birth but Coloradan at heart, Chloe is a semi-recent graduate whose hobbies include — but are not limited to — live music, exploring the Rockies, taking cliche photos in pumpkin patches and pretending to know about wine. You can find her serving your table at a local restaurant or dancing the night away at your neighborhood nightclub.

Photo: Kenzi Everitt (photo provided by Kenzi)

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