Arvada West High School Choir Virtual Compilation (credit: Arvada West High School)

From Chris Maunu: My heart is so full! I haven’t stood in front of a choir in 161 days before today – the longest stretch since before my career began. I remember how grim my outlook was on May 5, sitting through the now infamous webinar that sent shockwaves through our entire profession. The moment I remember so vividly is when a doctor said we will not be able sing safely in choir for at least one to two years. Now that research is coming out that doesn’t paint that grim of a picture, safety is still at the forefront of my considerations.

I had a long conversation with our head building custodian who explained in detail how well this space is ventilated. I meticulously measured out spacing of well over six feet in every direction. I had music at their assigned seats ahead of time to eliminate contact. I screened everyone’s temperature upon arrival. I made sure all singers faced the same direction. I moved to a new space after 30 minutes of rehearsing. Some may ask, is it all even worth it? OMG YES!!!

Through the power of music, we were able to feel that incredible connection once again.

Spacing / masks / indoor / outdoor / shortened timeframes / health screenings / planning – NONE of those minor inconveniences get in the way of that. There is hope, y’all.

Watch the video here of Chris’ Arvada High School Choir’s rehearsal:

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