By Chris Eggertsen, Billboard | A study conducted prior to launch found that the health and wellness needs of music creators exceed those of the general population.

With the help of a new program, ASCAP is hoping to provide its members with something that’s so often in short supply for music creators: peace of mind.

On Tuesday (Dec. 10), the performing rights organization announced the launch of TuneUp, a new program that will focus on supporting the physical and mental well-being of ASCAP members.

“Creating music is an all-consuming passion and a labor of love, but you’ve got to take care of your instrument — in the case of music creators, your body, mind and spirit,” said ASCAP chairman of the board and president Paul Williams. “ASCAP has a long commitment to supporting the livelihoods of its songwriters and composers. With TuneUp, we’re taking that one step further. If creating music is your life, we are here to provide the resources you need to be at your creative best. This is just the beginning, and we will roll out more services in the months to come.”

Ahead of the TuneUp launch, ASCAP commissioned the “US Music Creator Wellness Study,” a research survey designed to identify the needs of the organization’s membership. The survey, which will be conducted an annual basis, found that while music creators have health and wellness needs that “significantly exceed” those of the general population, they do not feel they have good access to wellness services. Additionally, nearly a third of music creators are more likely than the general population to feel that their wellness has a major impact on their career.

Those findings have been used to inform the TuneUp program, which will include substantial discounts on a range of wellness services, including workout apps Aaptiv and Daily Burn; therapy app BetterHelp; the fitness and sleep tracker Motiv; and the self-care app Shine, which features easy exercises and a supportive community. It will also offer recovery support services via a strategic partnership with the Recording Academy’s MusiCares charitable organization, which provides crucial assistance to music creators in times of need. Together, ASCAP and MusiCares will launch recovery-focused support groups in multiple cities as well as a digital support group for creators across the U.S. MusiCares will also serve as an official advisor on the recovery and mental health programs offered under the program.

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ASCAP notes that the TuneUp program comes with a variety of services that are completely free to members, including recovery support groups and events, while others — including wellness apps — will come with “significant discounts” and, often, extra-long free trials.

ASCAP has worked with MusiCares for years on initiatives including “safe harbor rooms” at ASCAP Experience and helping creators in need during natural disasters, but TuneUp significantly expands the relationship between the two entities. The broadened partnership will see ASCAP providing funding to expand MusiCares’ recovery support groups to new cities and creator communities, while also allowing for collaborative development between the two organizations on ways to assist creators with their physical and mental health needs.

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