By Thomas Peter and Thomas Suen, Reuters | The moment the metal singer Shui Shu spread his arms, Buddhist prayer beads in hand and incense wafting from the stage, his band unleashed a wall of sound on the crowd.

The rapt audience of about 200, many wearing masks, swayed gingerly. By the end of his set, most masks were off.

By the time the night’s third band took the stage, the hall was a mosh pit, arms flailing and legs kicking with energy built up during six months of coronavirus shutdowns that kept the lights off in Beijing’s underground music venues.

Brazilian metal fan Daniel da Silva Anana, who had packed in among the moshing fans, said he was more worried about slipping on a floor wet with spilled drinks than the coronavirus.

“Finally, the no-metal-concerts spell is broken!”

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(Reporting by Thomas Peter and Thomas Suen; Editing by Tony Munroe)


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