Chris Daniels (photo credit needed!)

Chris Daniels on Fb, 3/31/18: Happy Easter ya’ll. Talk about resurrection moments… Back in 1984 the Kings were put together as a one-night stand. We practiced in the Boulder Theater (which is now going strong), but it was closed and out of business at the time. Our biggest influence was the original Jack Mack and the Heart Attack. Back then he was known as Max Gronenthal (now using his middle name Max Carl and singing lead with Grand Funk). He wrote most of the songs and was the iconic voice of the band. Freddi [Henchi] and I got a chance to sing with Max on Friday night opening for the Tommy Bolin Dreamer Project (incredible – Luke smoked it (Lucas Parker) (he’s really got Tommy’s guitar playing and heart down) as did all the band members new and old – like Jeff Cook and Bobby Berge and Jock Bartley sitting in) It was an unreal experience to get to see Max again, hear those Tommy Bolin licks played by monsters and be thinking about the Boulder Theater alive and well. We recorded one of Max’s and Tommy’s tunes, “Faded Satin Lady” and played it in Europe on Germany’s Onhe Filter network show. Friday was a magic night with great friends new and old and some of my students working at the Boulder Theater. Thanks Chuck Morris for helping this all come together for TBD and for giving me a chance to sing with the King’s spiritual guide – thanks Max Carl. Big hugs to all!

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