Jeffrey Dallet and his band headlined the COMBO 2019 Songwriters Showcase

So excited! Our showcase of the top scoring songwriters in our 2019 Songwriting Contest at the Walnut Room on November 15th was such a success! The show opened with President Barb Dye explaining what COMBO does and is, and by announcing the Top 21 writers and their songs. Vice-President Annette Cannon filled in between the acts while the next performers were setting up by giving away drawing prizes. Attendees treated themselves to some of the yummy food that the Walnut Room is known for, especially their fresh veggie pizzas and fine drinks! Bartender Jerry kept the tummies filled and sound man Chase did a fine job of making our performers sound great.

Performing were Lisa Selle, Justin Faye & Fata el Presidente (Fata is from Senegal), Sloan & Sonna Robison, Laurie Dameron, Patrick O’Flynn, Daniel Ray Scott, ReyMarie, Steve Son, Robert Hojoboom, Michelle Roderick & Dave Sampson, and Joel Ashmore. Honorable mentionees Emilio Azzam, Steve Morrow and Christopher Ryan also performed.

COMBO member Ben Makinen added extra variety to the event by showing two of his videos – Alone at Sunset featuring the music of Denver’s own Robert Johnson, and Tennessee with a song by his friend with showing scenes of Tennessee.

Renowned Boulder pianist and composer Scott Martin wrote and produced the atmospheric jazz ballad Alone at Sunset, and this film features the Mr. Martin and Mr. Johnson recounting a tale of woe upon the stage of the famed Nocturne jazz club and follows Mr. Johnson drifting through Denver’s iconic RiNo district in a fog of remorse at the one great love to have slipped away.

After presenting the winners playing their high-scoring songs, two-time winner Jeffrey Dallet and his band took the stage at 10:30 to play a set of their own songs. Jeffrey is a proficient song writer and they played his winning song “Mile High Lament” – about how Denver is growing but is losing its “self” in the process.

Our audience was SUPER! They were polite, considerate, and so attentive! They seemed to be glued on every performance and every word of each song, giving generous applause after each songwriter performed. Winner by applause: Lisa Selle. Thank you one and all!

Winners of the drawing prizes:
● $10 gift cards to King Soopers (good for groceries or gasoline) were Carolyn Kendrick, Sonna Robison, Crystal Omera, Patrick O’Flynn
● $15 gift cards for Uber: Lisa Selle and Gary Blumenascha (sic)
● Voice/throat spray: Mimi Munroe (a singer!)
● Jeffrey Dallet Band t-shirt: Gwen (no last name given)
● Jeffrey Dallet CD: Brian Bodley
● Cass Clayton Band t-shirt: Steve Son
● Cass Clayton CD: Jeff Dallet (how ironic, huh?) LOL!!!
● Cass Clayton signed poster: ReyMarie
● Justin Faye: a pendant from Cass Clayton
● Drumsticks: Morgan Flowers and Jeff Bracked (sic)
● Guitar strap: Ben Makinen (He’s a drummer! But his daughter is learning to play the guitar).
● Guitar cable: Sloan Robison
● Warren Sellers’ book, “Journey of a Song” (about how well-known writers came up with the idea for their million-selling songs): Stephen Parce and Jon Van Seegan
● Stan Soocher, Esq.’s book “Baby You’re a Rich Man: Suing the Beatles for Fun & Profit –
Deb Sorenson
● A one-year membership to COMBO: Joel Ashmore (he said this was great because it was time for him to renew his membership anyway!)

The top songwriters were also presented a gift bag full of goodies from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, Durango Songwriters Expo, CODA, Colorado Sound, and SoundTown along with a copy of the compilation CD of the winning songs.

The 21 Top Songs:
01. “Kid” – Isabelle Stillman
02. “Truth Is Dead” – Joel Ashmore and Dave Brophy
03. “Love Lifts Me Up High” – Don Gnecco
04. “She Takes On To Me” – Daniel Houser
05. “Goodnight Sweet Baby” – Laurie Dameron
06. “B Side” – Cass Clayton and Taylor Scott
07. “Closer” – Sloan Robison
08. “Mile High Lament” – Jeffrey Dallet
09. “That Rockin’ Beat” – Steve Son
10. “40 Hours” – Patrick O’Flynn and Mimi Munroe
11. “Accordion Caravan” – Gordon Lewis
12. “A House Divided” – Robert Hojaboom
13. “Rendezvous For Two” – Erik Nelson
14. “Dark Sky” – Eric Peterson
15. “Do You Think of Me” – Laurie Dameron
16. “Roll The Dice” – Jim Seely
17. “Over You” – Michelle Roderick
18. “That Salinger Novel” – Isabelle Stillman
19. “The Most Beautiful” – Cass Clayton and Taylor Scott
20. “Bree Tree” – Justin Faye
21. “World Gone Cray” – Joel Ashmore and Dave Brophy

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