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Musicians object to guidance on indoor singing that is more restrictive than before the last national lockdown. A number of leading music organizations have written to the [British] Government objecting to updated guidance that allows only 6 people to sing together indoors. This is because indoor singing activity should be treated the same as other non-professional music activity and indoor organized sports activity, as was the case between August and December 2020. This campaign has been supported by The Incorporated Society of Musicians, Making Music, the Association of British Choral Directors, the Association of British Orchestras and the member organizations of Singing Network UK.

While the public health situation remains a concerning one, research shows that singing is no more dangerous in terms of COVID-19 transmission than shouting, speaking loudly or physical exercise. It appears that choirs are being treated as simply a social pastime, rather than an organized activity overseen by a recognized body (usually a charity or business) which is able to put effective safety protocols in place.

Unless this situation is addressed, there will be a significant negative impact on the well-being of over 2 million participants in singing groups across the country and will also have a financial impact, as ticket sales have to be reimbursed for upcoming performances. In addition, many of the UK’s 40,000 choirs are led by professionals who remain dependent on Government support until they can restart their professional life.
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Read the rest of the story here – and compelling arguments against the rule:

[Thank you to Alex Teitz, http://www.femmusic.com, for contributing this article.]

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