Julie Geller in Israel

Julie Geller offers new program – Stop Hiding!

When the first air raid siren went off two nights ago in our Israeli town of Ra’anana, I was biking solo twenty minutes from home, not near any shelters. I felt so vulnerable. I literally said aloud, “Alright God, if it’s my time, I guess that’s it! Otherwise, I’m biking home.”

And I did.

There’s nothing like rockets falling from the sky to remind you that you won’t live forever.

While we are tired from running to our shelter, my family is safe and together. (And I’ve since learned what to do when you are out in the open – get on the ground and cover your head.)

Next time you find yourself biking down a road late at night and realize it might all be over for you, how will you feel about how you spent your life? Are you content? Or is there’s something you’ve wanted to do but haven’t yet found the courage?

If the latter is true, join us next Thursday, May 20th at 11am MT/8pm IT to get our courage muscles in gear. I’m hosting a free seminar in which we’ll cover:

● Clarity around what you’re yearning to create
● Why you’re better positioned than ever to create RIGHT NOW.
● The most impactful action you can take to make people care about your art (Hint: it’s not about perfection)
● What your future audience desires from you
● The one simple and powerful action you can take TODAY to begin the next step of your creative journey!



How to express yourself in any medium when maybe you’re not good enough, you’re out of practice, you may embarrass yourself, the world will judge you, and who are you to even do this anyway?!

Hope to see you there.

Yours in love and courage –

Julie Geller
● Artist Coach ● Musician ● Joy Spreader
P.S – We’re having a great time in The Tent, building a community of like-minded folks who love music and creativity and connecting with something deeper. If you’re not already there, I invite you to join us!

P.P.S. – Courage means starting right where you are. That’s the only way to get better. Here’s the first music video I ever produced. See what I mean?

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