Poster for the El as de Oros Bull Riding & Concert – NOT held in Weld County!

By Marianne Goodland (Colorado Politics) Channel 9 News | What happens when a rogue county meets a rogue event? On Sunday, on a private farm in southeast Weld County near Hudson, hundreds gathered for a concert and Mexican bull-riding competition, no masks or social distancing required. And no permit required, either.

Unlike Jefferson County, which ordered Bandimere Speedway to obey county orders for event sizes, or Teller County, where a recent cease-and-desist order was issued by the Attorney General for a four-day event, Weld County is taking little interest in what’s going on at this County Road 37 farm.
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[Thank you to Alex Teitz, http://www.femmusic.com, for contributing this article.]

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