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From Saam Golgoon on Fb, 10/12/20: I know everyone’s industry is affected, but here are some not so fun facts on the live entertainment industry:

* Legendary New York Metropolitan Opera has just announced its closure until September 2021. Their musicians, choirs, stage techs, etc, along with the rest of the industry have been without pay since last April.

* Broadway is closed until mid-2021

* 6 West End venues THINK they can open right now.

* Cirque du Soleil went bankrupt and cut over 3500 jobs.

* Feld Entertainment (family tours – Disney on Ice, Monster Jam, circus, etc) has permanently fired 90% of their workforce.

* Live Nation and other concert promoters have laid off a majority of their employees.

* Talent agencies who plan & book concerts, appearances, festivals, etc have laid off over half their employees.

* Cruise boat artists are unemployed and amusement park productions have no idea when they will be rehired.

* There are no concerts, festivals, or tours scheduled until 2021 and if they don’t perform next year they are likely to go bankrupt & may never happen again. No Jazz Festival, no Coachella, no Bonnaroo, no EDC, no Glastonbury, no tours, no ballet, no opera…. it’s all gone.

* It is predicted that 90% of independent music rooms could close if this continues.

* Artistic and musical organizations of all kinds – choirs, theaters, orchestras, dance companies, festivals, music rooms, not to mention all technical and independent suppliers – all are trying to find alternatives to succeed in working.

* Over 12,000,000 people work in entertainment production, we are not insignificant and this industry can’t reopen until mass gatherings are allowed. This doesn’t include the additional dismissal of techs and openers, maintenance staff for bar rooms and staff, safety and thousands of vendors.

So when you see your entertainment friends begging you to wear masks and stay home, understand that we are watching, helplessly, our industry collapse before our eyes because not enough people care about taking the necessary means to reduce the spread. This is personal to us, our whole livelihood depends on social solidarity and we will not accept to be labeled ‘non-essentials’.

Music & Arts are necessary for a happy and balanced society.

Everyone’s career and industry is indefinitely pending. PLEASE wear your mask (on your mouth AND nose) and wash your hands!

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Mayor of Alma, CO; Founder, President, and CEO at World Music Development; owner of McGoon Productions; former Director – Breckenridge Creative Arts + lots more!


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