Jamie Krutz violin fiddle

COMBO Board member Jamie Krutz (Photo by Chuck Phillips; from Jamie’s website)

COMBO Board Member Jamie Krutz sent a few articles that deal with the entertainment business in Colorado and elsewhere. We felt the information contained in these articles could be relevant to musicians and hope that you will take the time to read them.

● Here’s a comprehensive article examining music industry consolidation and the collapsing of revenue streams for musicians themselves:


● Here’s a web site for the organization “Justice At Spotify” pushing for improvements for the musicians who provide the music on which Spotify is built, including information on their recent March 15th “Spotify Day of Action”:


● Here’s the web site for the Music Workers Alliance, with a list of their priorities to improve the lives of working musicians:


● Here’s an article on Live Nation’s changes to concert contracts, cutting musician’s pay while pushing more risks onto musicians:


● Here are a couple of articles about how the “Save Our Stages” relief effort became part of the stimulus package:


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